Mar 16, 2012

This Must Be the Cleanest Kitten Ever!

It's very important to keep your babies clean, as this momma cat knows. She is meticulous (and maybe a little over-zealous) in cleaning her kittens, especially the one in the headlock. That has to be one squeaky clean kitty!

You could probably get the gist from watching just the first minute, but if you're interested in what happens in the rest of the video, here's a cheat sheet:

0-1:30 -- Momma is furiously bathing her baby.
Around 2:20 - Baby starts reaching out for halp! Looks especially cute upside down.
Exactly at 2:55 -- The saddest, sweetest baby eyes ever. Actually, at least fast-forward to this. So cute!
3:10-end -- Neither baby nor momma really care about the toy.

P.S. Don't forget tomorrow is the last day to enter to win a case of the new Fancy Feast flavor food! Stinky goodness!


  1. Baby baby love....

  2. you nailed it with 2:55!!! awwwwww sooo cute! the other ones are getting ignored tho! they are gonna be dirty!

  3. omg I think she was biting him!!

  4. hahaha, sometimes they'll gnaw at a spot that's particularly yucky but she wasn't actually hurting him. i see mama's do it all the time! my grown cat even does it to his feet when litter gets stuck between his toes 

  5. So cute!  Love momma's eyes!  

  6. I already entered once, but you can never have enough stinky goodness!

  7. Love mommies eye's just beautiful, so adorable babies

  8. Just adorable! They look to fluffy for Russian Blues but could be British shorthairs - beautiful eyes on all of them but mama and the baby are just soooo cute!  Could just hug and squish them to death, nuzzle and, have you ever picked up a baby kitteh  in your hands and started to wash them?  Such fun....they don't know what to make of it ...did it with my Siamese babies.  Such expressions!

  9. I also entered once but again Paulie and Mary would enjoy stinkey Fancy Feast gourmet tins.


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