Apr 10, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Phantom's Nose, Moo's Wake-Up Tactic and Pimp Wants Pot Roast

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! Today the boys wanted to give you a little bit of a buffet of kitty cuteness. Just some random stuff they did this week!

First up, Moo wanted to show you how he wakes me up every morning. The pictures are not the best since it is dark (he wakes up early!), but I just think they are super cute because it's really what we do every morning! He is such a love bug.

First I give mom's nose the side head rub.
The the front head butt.
And then back to the side head rub. Now she's gets up and feeds me!
And then Phantom wants you to smooch his adorable black nose!

You can't decide whether to smooch or boop me, right?
And last, but definitely not least (no one puts Pimpy in the corner!), Pimp wants to show you how serious he is about wanting some of my dinner all the time. This is his "Give me some of your pot roast" face. He means business.

Pot roast, I'm watching you.
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Apr 4, 2014

22 Kittens and 1 Momma Cat!

Yesterday I promised you a ton of cute kitties, and here they are! Right now we have 22 adorable kittens and a sweet momma cat tucked away safely, soundly and loved in foster homes all over South Florida... waiting for our next transport!

That's a lot of kitties! They aren't leaving town for a few more weeks, but I couldn't wait for you to meet them!

I'll post more about them and updates as we go along, but here's a bunch of cute pictures of cute kitties to finish our your week the best way ever!

The Mafia Kittens: Catnip Capone, Kitty Kelly and Tabby Genovese! 
Venus and her four newborn babies. They were born in the shelter overnight and we busted them all out the very next day. Safe! They are just starting to open their eyes now. It's been about a week. 
The first half of the Blue Kittens: Periwinkle and Sky!
The other Blue Kittens: Powder and Indigo! 

Thomas and Belle!
First half of the Dream Basketball kittens: Lebron and James! These four were rescued from a "free kittens" listing we saw on Craiglist. Never list pets for free on Craiglist. There are bad people out there!
Jordana and Pippa! These four were gorgeous and fluffy in their Craiglist picture. When we got them, it was a whole different story. Crusty and sick with eye infections, parasites and dehydrated. :( We're fixing them up!
Cutie bunch of kitties rescued from a horse ranch!
Lee, rescued from a rental property. 
So there's that! We will probably add one more baby to the bunch -- Lee needs a buddy! All of these adorable babies will be heading up north on April 26, so we have a few more weeks to enjoy them down here and watch them grow up a little!

Huge thanks to all our fosters and Good Karma Pet Rescue (the best!) for rescuing them all down here and making sure they get everything they need before they travel!

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Apr 3, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Moo and Phantom Love Each Other and Pimp Doesn't Care

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! It's a miracle, I tell you. Moo and Phantom love each other.

It's not like the cuddle up in a tight ball and sleep together all the time, but it's a loving tolerance -- and it's super cute to catch when it happens!

A couple days ago, I came home to this:

Why yes, we are snuggling.
I think that's the first time I've actually caught them in a sleepy snuggle! And so I had to zoom in to get a closer picture. I was really hoping I wouldn't ruin it! They both usually start walking to the camera when they see it.

I knew that cow cat would love me eventually!
Isn't that just so sweet? It wasn't that long ago, it seems, that I had to lock them in their own rooms when I went to work because I was afraid of leaving them out together all day! Whoooo hooo!

And then, another day this week, I caught them doing this. (They do this more often. They love to lick each other!)

They are such lover boys!

And meanwhile, Pimp is all like...

I'll just take care of myself. 
And then later, after all of this peace and harmony wears off, we're back to normal...

P.S. Make sure you all come back tomorrow... I have 22 tiny kittens and a sweet momma cat for you to meet! (Yes, 23 cats!)

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Mar 31, 2014

Cowboy Kitty Goes for a Ride!

Giddy up! It's a tabby cowboy cat!

Why walk around the living room yourself when you can ride your trusty kid instead? Hop on and hold on tight, little kitty!

Thanks to Cutehead Michele G. for sending over in cute cowboy cat video!

QUESTION FROM CUTE: Have any of you ever used any automatic feeders that open only for a specific cat? I am really thinking about looking into one for Pimp. That way I can make it so his food can be out all day and he can eat when he wants, and the other two fatties can't devour it before he does. Pimp is a grazer, and could stand to GAIN some weight, but Moo and Phantom or gulpers, and always finish off his before he can get back to it for another nibble. Any ideas?

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Mar 27, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Almost Touching, Phantom's Tail Update and the Poop Scoop!

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! We have some catching up to do!

First, check this out. Shhhh... No one tell them they are almost all touching! What an amazing site (coerced by the lure of delicious canned food, of course).

Pimp and Moo always eat there. I moved Phantom's plate over to join them because he kept trying to eat Pimp's food. So I just gave him more of his own. Piggy.

And now the update on Phantom's tail and the fur loss. Turns out that, like many of you suggested, he is allergic to fleas. So he got some antibiotics to get rid of the mild infection that was on his bare skin and we ordered Comfortis for the house to take care of the fleas. It's supposed to be the best. We used Revolution before, but I think our fleas are wearing gas masks and heavy armor -- I'm pretty sure they just laughed at it and kept on their merry way.

His furs seem to be growing back in, so that's great! Hopefully his tail will be lush and plush again soon.

And I also needed to update on the poop scoop (Only TMI if you don't have cats. We cat people talk poop, right?). Everyone's poop was horrible, but no tests showed anything, all fecals came back clear, and even the bloodwork was fabulous. A mysterious poop problem! So they all got a round of Panacur (much to Pimp's dismay; he hates any medicine), and all seems to be looking better. Paws crossed it stays that way!

So basically, Phantom brought in fleas and some poop issue that spread. Adopt shelter cats! ;)

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