Nov 7, 2009

Kitten Feeding Frenzy!

Today's Cute is something I stumbled on while doing my regular blog trolling (I love checking out all the cute animal blogs every day!). This one is from one of my absolute fave, Love and Hisses.

These are the Wonkas -- they're all named after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters -- at snack time. Notice how they each have their own little kitty bowl...

They are Veruca, Violet, Gus and Mike... each at their own bowls, eating like good little kittens.

Except that Gus is starting to think Mike's snack looks pretty good...

But then Violet make a move first, going right to Veruca's plate -- and Gus moves in to check on Violet's plate!

But Violet had already nommed all her snack, so Gus went back to his.

I think we all know who the piggy is here -- it looks like it's Violet! But that's OK, she's a growing girl.

Love and Hisses is all about the kittens this woman fosters. And she takes the most adorable photos (plus she always has the most adorable kittens), and tells stories about them in the most adorable, heartfelt way.

I laughed out loud when I saw this snack-time photo series and had to repost it here. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Nov 6, 2009

The Many (Cute) Faces of Maru

Maru's back! But this time he's not in a box or in a bag... he's in a hole?

Looks like cute game of "cat and mouse" if you ask me!

Note from Cute: Hi Cuteheads! Saturday is the big launch day for Santa Paws Drive -- a HUGE charity project to help shelter animals have a happy holiday season!

All fans of Cute are cordially invited to attend! Follow @SantaPawsDrive on Twitter and get more details here. It's all organized by, @BabyPatches ( and @frugaldougal (!

Let's help make this a great holiday for some less fortunate furry friends!

Nov 5, 2009

Cute Kitten Watching Cute Cat Video!

SPECIAL NOTE FROM CUTE: If you haven't seen it floating around Twitter and Facebook yet, we've been planning a HUGE project to help shelter animals during the holidays! Follow Santa Paws Drive on Facebook to be a part of it!

And now back to your regularly scheduled cute! :)

Is there anything better than a cute cat video? How about a cute kitten watching a cute cat video?! Behold, Cuteheads...

Cute Kitten

Nov 4, 2009

The Cat-erpillar

What is it with kitties and jacket sleeves? My Pimp used to do this too when he was little -- he preferred the "windbreaker" kind of fabric... I guess because of the crinkly noise it made.

But the fun doesn't stop once you're in the sleeve! Allow cat-erpillar kitty to demonstrate...

Nov 3, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: BUSTED!

For Two Cats Tuesday today, I did a little undercover work. You see, Pimp and Moo put on a big show about not being the best of friends. They tolerate each other, but they make it a serious point to keep their own space (unless Moo is attacking Pimp, of course, in which case all space "rules" are off).

Lately, though, I've caught them doing some things I'm sure I wasn't supposed to see. I always suspected they loved each other when I'm not home, but I had no real proof. But in the last week, I've spotted them actually licking each other -- a little at first, then a little more... then a little more.

They always stop when they realize I'm watching. But you know me, I wanted to take a picture! So I kept the camera/video camera handy...


Another exciting Two Cats thing to report: We just received our "Paw it Forward" package from Tim from Everyday Living! Paw it Forward is where you send a package of goodies to some kitties just because, then they send one another kitty, and so on!

Check out all the goodies Pimp and Moo got (and tissue and a box, too!):

Now it's our turn to send someone a fun Paw it Forward package!

If you would like to participate in Paw if Forward, just say so in the comments below. Make sure it's linked to your email or leave your email address. First one to say they want to do it, we'll send a package full of goodies your way!

Have a great day!

Nov 2, 2009

Bang Bang Bang!

Dog tricks are cute, but this dog trick is three times as cute! Why? Because it's not one, not two... but three boxers playing dead (one of which apparently needed a second shot to go down).

After you watch this one, don't miss on these classic Cutes: Bang Bang Kitty and Bang Bang Birdie

Nov 1, 2009

The Evil Toilet Paper Shredder!

This is some serious toilet paper action! I know kitties have been know to unravel and play with TP, but Shredder Kitty takes it to a whole new level!

Wouldn't it be way more fun to have this guy at your office as the paper shredder instead of that boring machine most people use today?

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