Feb 16, 2013

Genie and Peter's Fabulous Adventure - It's Transport Saturday!

It's another one of our favorite days! Today one little black fuzzball and one handsome tabby are heading to their forever homes! Both were saved from kill shelters, and both are going to live the lives every kitty dreams of!

Genie (who was Eugene up until a couple days ago when he went to get neutered and came back spayed, haha! Surprise!) is a spunky kitten who was saved from Miami Dade Animal Services. She was there with her two siblings, and the two of them got adopted... but Genie was left behind. I posted her sweet fuzzy picture on the Cute's Facebook page, and Cutehead Leigh G. immediately fell in love. We can't leave him there by himself, she said!

Eugene's shelter picture stole all our hearts!
And so we busted her out!

She's been hanging out with our wonderful rescue friend, Maribel M., in Miami and generally just running around her house like a crazy kitten -- and today she gets to hop in a car and head up through all of Florida to meet her mom in Pensacola!

Genie SAFE out of the shelter!

As we were planning her road trip, I noticed another group, Imagine Home, was looking for drivers in Florida for a cat named Peter. I took a look at his route, and it turns out he was going a lot of the same way as Genie... So I suggested that we pick Peter up along the way and team up so they could share a ride!

And now it wasn't just a Genie road trip... it is a Genie and Peter road trip!

Peter's sweet face. Of course he found a home!

Peter was also saved from a kill shelter up in Sanford, FL (near Orlando) by a rescue group called Aristocats. They got him out just in the nick of time and have been searching for a wonderful home for him. Luckily, one turned up! A woman named Kristie wanted to adopt him, but she was all the way in Tallahassee.

"Only Tallahassee?!" us transport people said. No worries! You give Peter a home, and we'll get him to you!

Peter lounging around waiting for his ride.

And so the caravan of Cuteheads started together!

Eight drivers will be taking turns on the road all day to get these two sweet kitties home. The trip will start around 7 a.m. from Miami and end probably around 10 p.m. (Eastern time) when Genie gets home.

If you want to follow along, I'll be tweeting as @YourDailyCute using the hashtag #GenieAndPeter and posting tons of updates on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page throughout the day!

Let's cheer these babies and all the wonderful, amazing drivers on today!

Want to help drive for future transports so we can save even more kitties? Volunteer to drive by filling out this form, please! Thank you!

Huge thanks to Maribel M. for rescuing, fostering and vetting Eugene, Leigh G. and her family for adopting him (she has adopted other Cute kitties!), Jennifer P. for rescuing Peter, Kristie W. for adopting Peter and Cuteheads Kd P, Vicki O., Stacey M, Diane L, Dusti M. and Jenny T. for helping drive them both home!

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Feb 15, 2013

"This is Ruffing Awesome!" - Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" Pet Adoption Parody Song!

For some reason I absolutely love this song in real life, so seeing a parody of it about pets getting adopted from shelters make me love it even more!

"I'm gonna run some tags, I'm so happy that I got adopted..."

"I have a brand new home, this is incredible
My ma adopted me, from that shelter down the road!"

This song IS ruffing awesome!

Thanks to Cute's friend, Jennifer S., for sharing this fun parody video with us!

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Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Cute, Pimp and Moo! (Moo's Heart-Shaped Spot)

Happy Valentine's Day, Cuteheads! I love every single one of you!

Did you know Moo has a heart-shaped spot? It's actually two spots together, but if you stand him up tall, there is a heart on the inside of his little legs!

Moo wears his heart on his pants.
Isn't that sweet?

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Feb 13, 2013

Super Smart Kitty Plays the Shell Game!

Kido can keep track of which cup the bell is under like a champ... and this is his first time playing this game! His mom puts the bell under one, shuffles them all around and then Kido points (or rather bats at) the one that has the bell!

I think my favorite part of this might be just how happy and proud his mom is!

The video says Kido was abandoned twice by two different families, and on what would have been his last day at the shelter, she went to meet him and he's been the love of her life ever since. Hurray for absolutely perfect shelter kitties!

P.S. I have great news from the #8catroadtrip transport bunch... Blackjack went to his forever home last night! He was the first one of the herd to get adopted up at Forever Home Feline Ranch in Springfield. Congrats, little cutie! They said he went to the best couple and he will be extremely spoiled -- and promised to keep us updated with pictures. Yay!

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Feb 12, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: The Boys Got a Fancy New Fountain!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today the boys want to show you the fancy schmancy new fountain they got! It is super stylish so it doesn't look like an ugly fountain, and it has three streams of water, so the boys can drink till their little furry hearts are content.

We used to have one of the regular-looking fountains, but after visiting PetSafe a few months ago, they told us we could order a few items (for free!) to try out... and I knew this would be something Pimp and Moo would love.

This is the Lotus Fountain that we have!

Mom! This is not my normal bowl...

Nope, it's sure not, Moo. It's a fountain! Better approach it slowly...

Slowly?! I don't do anything slowly! 

Dive in!
Thank you, PetSafe, for such a pawsome fountain! (And the Lickety Sticks and the Heated Wellness Bed!) You have made Pimp and Moo very happy kitties!

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P.S. In case it wasn't super obvious, we got this fountain for free from PetSafe because they just wanted us to try their fabulous stuff. Moo didn't have to be told twice to drink out of it, so there's our honest opinion of it. Besides, if anyone paid him for his opinion, he'd owe it to me for buying all his food and toys all these years! 

Feb 11, 2013

Pit Bull Puppy vs. Treadmill: He'll Figure It Out Eventually!

Bandit watches all his big brother and sister pit bulls walking on the treadmill and just knows he can do it, too. How hard can it be, right?

You just hop on and wheeeeee! Oops. Not quite as easy as it looks. He's one determined baby pit bull, though, and doesn't stop trying though!

The eight cats all made it home after their big transport this weekend! I love happy endings! Thank you to all the Cuteheads who help make this happen through rescuing, fostering, driving and adopting these lucky kitties. I shared a bunch of pictures on our Facebook page and will keep everyone updated on how their doing as I hear. Let's do it again and again and again!

BONUS CUTE: Here's a tough-guy kitten vs. a nice-guy pit bull!

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Feb 10, 2013

Thank you so much for donating!

Thank you so much for donating to help transport kitties!

We rescued, saved and transported 210 cats in 2013 and are hoping for an even bigger and better 2014!

As of February 10, 2014, we have already rescued and/or transported 48 cats so far this year!

Each transport cat costs us between $50-$150, depending on the vet care needed, spay and neuter costs, supplies and other things to get them ready for transport. Donations are hugely appreciated, and help us to help even more!

Please visit Cute Transport Network on Facebook to get even more updates.

If you haven't already, and are able, please sign up to be a volunteer driver! We'll contact you when a kitty needs to go through your area. The more drivers, the easier it is to help these cats!

Thank you!

--Dorian, Stacey and the rest of the Cute Network Transport team!

Ridiculously Adorable Baby Kitten Shows Her Belly

Misty is just a precious little thing still, but she knows what she likes. She likes her belly rubbed!

And so it seems like she spends lots of time with her absurdly adorable belly up, flailing her little legs and mewing away. I would get nothing done all day if she was at my house. Nothing.

As the saying goes: The way to any cat lover's heart is through a their kitten's stomach. Wait... That's not how the saying goes?! Sure seems right to me!

P.S. Today is Day #2 of the big transport this weekend! Eight cats are heading from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Illinois! They slept over in Atlanta last night at Cutehead Laura N.'s brother's house (thank you, Greg!) and are kicking off their journey again today at 7:30 a.m.! Follow along on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page and at @YourDailyCute on Twitter using the hashtag #8catroadtrip.

I will post some pictures from their sleepover last night here later today. Check back! :)

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