Feb 10, 2013

Ridiculously Adorable Baby Kitten Shows Her Belly

Misty is just a precious little thing still, but she knows what she likes. She likes her belly rubbed!

And so it seems like she spends lots of time with her absurdly adorable belly up, flailing her little legs and mewing away. I would get nothing done all day if she was at my house. Nothing.

As the saying goes: The way to any cat lover's heart is through a their kitten's stomach. Wait... That's not how the saying goes?! Sure seems right to me!

P.S. Today is Day #2 of the big transport this weekend! Eight cats are heading from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Illinois! They slept over in Atlanta last night at Cutehead Laura N.'s brother's house (thank you, Greg!) and are kicking off their journey again today at 7:30 a.m.! Follow along on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page and at @YourDailyCute on Twitter using the hashtag #8catroadtrip.

I will post some pictures from their sleepover last night here later today. Check back! :)

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  1. Oh my! Be still my heart! I love how the other kitties just keep sleeping while wiggle worm gets the belly rubs! That baby meow is precious.

  2. She doesn't look like she likes it to me. Looks like she's trying to push the hand away because one-finger-rubs tickle. She wants to turn over.IMHO.

  3. pwecious I agree with Cyndi, I think she is trying to say It tickles!!! LOL

  4. I agree with Cyndi and Margaret. She wants help to be turned over not to be tickled. Poor baby. Tickling kitties is not good. She is meowing out of annoyance. :(

    Good luck with the transport! Bless all of you.

  5. Very, very young kitten - still traces of her umbilica cord.....they barely have their eyes half open but they are loved! Blessed little ones.
    Hope the 2nd day of travel is a great ones for the babies heading to new homes. Kudoos! Great work Dorian.


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