Feb 9, 2013

It's Transport Day Again! 8 Cats, 14 Drivers, 1,502 Miles! #8catroadtrip

Awwww, yeah! It's another wonderful weekend of driving kitties to their new forever homes! This time we have seven kitties going to Forever Home Feline Ranch in Springfield, Illinois, and one lucky, sweet kitty going to Antioch, Illinois!

Just like always, an amazing group of Cuteheads has come together to make this happen. The kitties are traveling all day Saturday and Sunday, with 14 different helpers to reach their final destinations!

The road trip kicks off bright and early this morning at 7:30 a.m. in Sunrise, Florida. Then they'll drive all day and sleep over in Atlanta, Georgia. Then Sunday morning they'll wake up early again and be off on the road again at 7:30 a.m.! Most of the kitties will finish their journey in Springfield, Illinois... and one pretty girl, Pookie, will keep on going another five hours or so to Antioch, Illinois. She won't get home until after 11 p.m. (that's a long day!), but it will be so worth it because she is getting the BEST home!

All the kitties heading to Forever Home Feline Ranch!
The kitties traveling are Russo, TC, Blackjack, Cassie, Azure, Licorice, Seven and Pookie. All of them were rescued from Broward Animal Control in Pompano. Eight wonderful lives saved!

Pookie in her foster home getting spoiled before her trip!
I'll be posting updates along the way as usual on the Cute's Facebook page and Twitter as @YourDailyCute using the hashtag #8catroadtrip. Please follow along! It's always lots of fun!

First picture of the trip: All the fosters (except my dad taking the pic), Stacey from Good Karma and the first drivers! What a wonderful group of Cuteheads!
Want to help drive for future transports?
Here is the link to volunteer! Please sign up so I can contact you if kitties need to go through your area! A couple hours of your time one weekend can save so many lives. (It's a quick form and the info is only for me so I know how far you'd be willing to drive and how to reach you.) Thank you, everyone, for being so fantastic and caring and generous!

Huge thank you to so many people for making this possible: Nancy for letting us use her condo as the kitty condo, Colleen for being the kitty caretaker there, Maraly and Bob for fostering three kittens and being caretakers of the condo, too!, Carie and her family for fostering Pookie, Stacey of Good Karma Pet Rescue for being our awesome partner in rescue and doing all the vet coordinating and kitty taxiing around and so much more, and all the drivers -- Dawn, Karol, Dotty, Renee, Shannon, Laura, Tia, Emily, Marsha, Laura and Cindy, Brenda, Ronda and Dee. Extra special thanks to Mary C. for adopting Pookie! And extra extra special thanks to Cheryl of Forever Home Feline Ranch for getting us started on this life-saving fabulousness by letting me know they could take in a bunch of cats and save them! They are going to find the most wonderful forever homes thanks to them.

Hurray for saving kitties!

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  1. Totally awesome - please drive safety everyone! Storms are bad...I've driven through them before.

  2. I will follow from Italy, as Karol, one of the drivers, is my Bestie. Thank you to you all for being so special. Fulvia and kitty Pantie

  3. Safe trip to all. It's just wonderful!!!!

  4. Kittehs are busting out of the Big House!!! Woo Hoo Thanks to everyone and God Bless you all for helping these beautiful kittehs!!!!

  5. Aww,you guys ROCK! Have a safe trip!

  6. You are really a kitty life saver. All of you

  7. it is always nice when animals have forever homes. Mocha and Cappuccino didn't have to go far, only 6 miles west, but they did and now they are happy as clams.

  8. Yes - You are all ANGELS to and for those Kitties! Thank you!!

  9. That is just so so wonderful. What a terrific bunch of people and we sure do thank all of you.

  10. God Bless all of you!

  11. I can't dirve but if I lived in the USA I would learn to drive just so I could help. You are storing up a warehouse full of Karma - thank you.


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