Apr 11, 2009

Luna the Cat's Cute Little Sneeze

Right from the first time we saw Luna model her dress, we fell in love with her.

Luna is a pretty Persian who wears precious dresses and dainty little accessories all the time -- everything is cute about here... even her sneezes!

This Kitty Thinks He's Barbie...

Pumpkin loves to go in boxes (what cat doesn't?!), but when the box is clear, and a doll box, that makes him a prime candidate to be a Cute.

And don't worry, he's not stuck in there... he wants to be in there -- the box is totally open on the side. He just likes to be in there!

Note from Cute:
Pumpkin is a personal friend of Your Daily Cute! Say hi to him in the comments below! :)

Apr 10, 2009

This Kitten Does Windows!

Yesterday we said that cleaning is for the birds, but today, not to be outdone, the kitties have show up to play as well.

This cat apparently does windows...

Two Kitties, Super Love

One Scottish Fold kitty is cute, but two... I'm in cute heaven.

These two babies love each other so much. And right up until the end, I was pretty sure that bottom one would let the other one do whatever he wanted to him...

Apr 9, 2009

Cute Easter Cupcakes I Made

Are these not the cutest Easter cupcakes you've ever seen?!? I'm pretty darn proud of myself here, people -- enough that I've actually categorized my baking as "a Cute."

They're coconut-flavored cupcakes with sweet buttercream flowery design frosting. Some have jelly beans and some have Peeps! (Peep Cupcakes... it's genius!)

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss my cat Pimp Eating a Peep -- it's worth the watch.

Yay! We're About.com's Funny Site of the Week!

While Cute is obviously a sucker for kitties, puppies, hamsters, bunnies... you name it, we're also a sucker for our fabulous readers!

And today, we just found out that we're About.com's Web Humor Site of the Week! (Yay, Cute!)

Check out super-nice post they put up (we're blushing a little).

And special thanks to our long-time Twitter friend and About.com Humor Writer @MikeDurrett for featuring us!

Cleaning is for the Birds!

It's Spring, and it looks like everyone's getting in the cleaning spirit -- even the birds!

(I personally have always thought cleaning is for the birds, but that's another story.)

Another funny birdie, please.

Dog Gets Blanket from the Dryer

It's been a little cool outside these past couple days, so Your Daily Cute can certainly understand why all these doggies are suddenly wanting to cuddle up with their blankies.

A couple days ago we posted Chilly Dog Steals Blanket from Cat, and today... we present the doggie who wasn't happy with just any blanket -- he wanted a nice, warm one right out of the dryer!

Apr 8, 2009

Kitty Plays Tug of War with a Can of Food

This kitty is huuungry.

And his owner is very brave. Any rational cat owner would know to put the can down, calmly walk away and nobody gets hurt...

More hungry kitty, please.

"Where the Wild Things Are" Movie Trailer

Where the Wild Things Are is a timeless classic children's book, and the trailer makes it look like it look like the movie version will be so cute!

It's a book that both kids and grown-ups can love, and I hope the movie is the same!

Where the Wild Things Are Movie Trailer

What do you think of the Where the Wild Things Are trailer?

Apr 7, 2009


Silly bear, cannonballs are for kids. :)

Cats: How to Look Out the Window Better

Most cats would be satisfied to simply watch the birdies and squirrels calmly from the window... but nooooo, not this clever kitty.

There's a prime viewing spot up there...

A Conversation with Pineapple the Cat....

This video cracked me up! I mean, I was literally in tears...

I love Pineapple's name. I love the lady videotaping him. And, wow, Pineapple sure does have a lot to say (and he apparently knows how to turn off the video camera, too...)!

What a perfectly cute, sincere little video!

Chilly Dog Steals Blanket from Cat

Brr... It's a bit nippy in here... I think I'll just snag this blanket real quick.

Surely the cat won't mind, right? I mean, he's got a fur coat on for Pete's sake!

There... that's better. Ah, nice and warm.

Apr 6, 2009

Sweet Bunny and Cute Cat Cuddle Up

Awwww! I'm watching, and at first I think: Aww, that's a cute little bunny and a sleepy kitty! (And it's cute.)

But then, the sweet bunny starts to make his move... and I have to awww all over again, out loud! This is love, people.

Cute Commercial Alert: Kia Soul Hamsters!

This is one of my favorite commercials right now. Just so cute!

Those silly hamster wheels were sooo last week... Hamsters have found a new way to roll!

More hamster, please.

Hamsters Kia Soul Commercial

Crazy Spinning Dog vs. Cat

At first, it looked like a fair fight -- the dog gets a couple licks in, then cat gets his turn. But then... the darn dog went all crazy and starting spinning and using all these freak-out tactics to psych the cat out.

And it worked. Let that be a lesson to us all: When you're under attack, FREAK OUT and maybe you'll scare your attacker away!

Apr 5, 2009

He's Jammin'... Subwoofer Cat!

Boom... boom... boom...

This cool subwoofer cat really likes to get down with the bass! Or maybe he just likes the vibrating chair and it's kind of like a massage...

Stipper Pole Kitty!

Young kitties may want to turn away... this video's a little spicy!

This frisky feline's got all the right moves to make the boys purr, that's for sure...

Stripper Pole Kitty

Sleepy Kitty "Making Biscuits"

It's time to make the biscuits!

Kitties are so cute when they do this. I call it "doing the bubblies" (the pads on the bottom of their little paws are little bubbles to me, I guess)... never really thought out the exact reason.

What do you call it when they do this? Leave a comment and share! :)

Who's That? Kitty Self Portrait!

Hey, you! Whatcha doin' on that piece of paper, huh?

You know you're a good artist when you can fool your subject into thinking your work is real... Now that's a realistic self portrait!

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