Jan 10, 2009

Oh Rats... Rat Loves Cat!

We all learned from watching Tom and Jerry that cats generally want to tear meeces to pieces, right? Wrong...

Meet Peanut the rat and Ranj the cat -- best buds (well, it looks like the cat tolerates the rat anyway). Peanut gives kisses and hugs and lots of love... He's really the cutest thing!

After you see how this rat loves cats, here's a couple other cute, odd matchups: dog and the elephant (must watch!), real-life Bambi and Thumper and Sylvester and Tweety.

Feel the love...

*Thanks to both Lenisse and our Twitter bud BongoKitty for sharing this! (Follow us on Twitter, too!)


  1. I' m thinking seriously to buy a rat for Pumpkin... :P

  2. They say you can't get new cats when you're pregnant, but what about rats?! :)

  3. YEAH, that's the main point!!! Nobody said anything about rats!! :P

  4. Grayball says Hell to the NO to Rat buddies :-)


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