Dec 17, 2011

Cat Guy Plays Hard to Get

I have no idea how this cat guy held out so long, but resistance is futile when you're talking about a kitty that wants attention!

Jessie the cat is relentless -- he does the soft paw, the two-legged beg, even looks at the camera person like "What gives?!" Looks like it was worth all the begging -- the cuddles and attention seem pretty good!

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Dec 16, 2011

Jingle Barks: Dogs Bark Jingle Bells

I have no idea how in the world they taught these dogs to do this, but it's amazing. And adorable.

One by one, they each bark out the notes to Jingle Bells. I almost didn't think that last guy was going to chime in there for his last little part... but he did great!

Dec 15, 2011

Breakdancing Cat Busts a Move

Someone get this kitty a boombox and a sweet pair of kicks! He's got some of the best breakdancing moves I've ever seen!

Sometimes the beat just gets under your fur and there's nothing you can do but dance. Either that, or that darn tail just won't stop teasing him again...

Dec 14, 2011

Oh Hai!

This silly bear had me giggling out loud. I love the expression "Oh hai!" and this is exactly it! Like a nosy neighbor waving over the fence or something...

NOTE FROM CUTE: Don't forget TODAY is the last day to donate toys and treats for Santa Paws Drive! Santa will be doing final ordering and shipping the packages full of Christmas off to the shelters soon!

Our six Santa Paws Drive shelters have a total of 554 cats and 95 dogs (at last count). Our ultimate Christmas wish is for them to find homes, but let's do what we can to send them the best Christmas ever!

Dec 13, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: It's the Great Toy Mountain!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Pimp and Moo are doing a very important job... Quality control for the Santa Paws Drive toys!

We got a huge shipment in and I was inventorying everything to make sure it was there -- and having the hardest time telling Pimp and Moo these toys aren't theirs! We have plenty of toys (way more than two boys need, actually) and these are for the Santa Paws Drive shelters!

By the way, these aren't even all the toys. There were a TON of cat toys that didn't make it in the picture that I have here -- and we're still taking donations! Don't forget we have six shelters full of doggies and kitties that we're splitting this between. So the more the merrier!

There were four huge boxes like this stuffed with toys! This is what happened right when I opened them... Pimp waltzed right over, hopped on and sat like he was making claim!

And then I had to tell him they weren't his. He is not a needy kitty, our Santa Paws Drive shelter kitties are! But that didn't stop him from trying to make off with a catnip felt cube...

Then it was Moo's turn to inspect. Have you ever seen so many plush doggie bones?! Moo hasn't either. In fact, I don't think he's ever seen a doggie bone of any kind...

He was better about not trying to steal any. He just kind of sniffed around and gave his paw of approval.

So I started counting, and as I was taking everything out of the boxes and piling up what I'd counted, this is what I ended up with:

I'm king of the toy mountain!

Have you ever seen so many toys in one place? It was so awesome! The picture does it no justice. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated already!

If you haven't, please help us add to the pile! The Santa Paws Drive shelters have a total of 554 cats and 95 dogs at last count, so this pile has to go a long way! You can donate toys and treats through tomorrow, and donate cash or buy raffle tickets until December 20.

(If you haven't checked out the raffle yet, you should! We have over $1,000 of amazingly fabulous pet products you could win. Tickets are only $1 and all proceeds go to the shelters as cash donations!)

Let's make the mountain of toys even bigger and send these special animals the best holiday ever!

Dec 12, 2011

Kittens' First Climb Up the Stairs

Four brave kittens tackle the stairs for the first time ever! Three are pretty sure-pawed and make their way up like naturals (way to go, kitties!), but their tiny tuxie sibling isn't so sure...

Poor little thing can't quite muster up the courage. Slowly but surely, though, he makes his way up to his brothers and sisters cheering him on at the top! Yay, kitties!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Check out this pawsome giveaway I have going on over on my Catster blog right now! Click on the picture to head over and enter to win your very own Cat Ball! Moo loves his!

Dec 11, 2011

Dog Gets Her Bone Back from the Cat Burglar

Gita the German Shepherd and Yasu the Bengal kitten are the best of friends. Yasu thinks that means they can share toys, so he went ahead and decided to play with one of Gita's favorite stuffed bones.

Gita had other ideas though, and decided to take her bone back -- in the most gentle, sweet, big doggie love way.

The moral of the story? Bones are for doggies.

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