Nov 15, 2008

Cat Eats with a Fork

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate her table manners a 7."

Who said cat's aren't smart? I'd like to see a dog do this. This cat eats with a fork, and chopsticks, and even (wait for it...) a spork!

I have no earthly idea how someone could train their cat to eat like this. I know when I feed Pimp, it's everyone for themselves -- and got help you if accidentally keep a finger or your hand near the food bowl too long when dumping the kibble in... you might lose it.

I suspect a little trickery here, but either way, it really is amazing.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Flashback: Tigger!

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Tiggers are wonderful things! That's T-I-double guh-er!

Man, cartoons used to be so cool. What happened to Saturday morning cartoons? Now they're all Japanimated and real and violent... I was flipping through the stations a couple weeks ago and got SO EXCITED to see Inspector Gadget (now that's a cartoon!) -- and then I realized it was dubbed over in Spanish. Major bummer.

I miss Jem and Ducktails and the Smurfs and the Snorks... Oh well. Here's a flashback -- Tigger!

Nov 14, 2008

Little Girl Tells the CUTEST Fairy Tale

In French... with subtitles!

No really, I think that makes it even cuter, because of her little voice and the way she says the words. So much expression, so much enthusiasm, so much imagination.

It's a dramatic tales of hippos, monkey, witches and popotamuses (What is that?! No matter; I'm sure they're precious.) I love her and this is another example of how cute I imagine my future-child will be (Here's the other example.)

And as my sister said, I wish she could tell me stories every night before I go to sleep...

*Thanks to Evyan for posting this cutie on Facebook!

Nov 12, 2008

Why is This So Cute?

Not sure why I think this is so cute, but here's about 30 seconds of a cat drinking water. That's it. Just a cat drinking water...

But it's so darn cute for some reason. I mean, his chunky little face takes up the whole camera! And his little tongue just laps and laps.

Check it out. If you think I'm crazy, fine. But if you think it's cute, then you're crazy, too!

Nov 11, 2008

Puppy Cam: Shiba Inu Puppies 24/7!

NEW: Check out the 24/7 Live Kitty Cam, too!

I've had two people send me this link yesterday, and it breaks my little heart. So cute!

It's live streaming video of puppies... furry little teddy bear-looking puppies. And they snuggle and cuddle and stretch and, well, mostly sleep, but whatever. Cuties!

There are six little Shiba Inus on the puppy cam (until I saw this, I didn't even know what a Shibu Inu was), and I want one! Look and love...

Have a cute puppy of your own you want to share? Submit your pet by sending pictures and a little about them and maybe they'll make it on as our next Cute Pet Spotlight!

Free TV : Ustream

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Slinky Cat!

You know how you used to get your Slinky and start it at the top of the stairs and watch it slink its way down? Well, Slinkies were sooo last century.

Nowadays, we use cats...

(And after you watch that, don't miss this other crazy cat game: Fat Cat in a Little Box!)

*Thanks go Giselle for sharing the Slinky Cat with us!

Nov 10, 2008

Cute Pet Spotlight: Camo Puppy

OK, here's an idea: a "Cute Pet Spotlight" every now and then! Send me your kitties, your doggies and birds. Your hampsters, lizards, monkeys and tigers (oh, please, someone send me a tiger...), and they can have their moment of fame on the internets.

Our first Cute Pet Spotlight is Batly, a huggalicious boston terrier/corgie mix sent in by his mom, Julia.

Besides being incredibly cute, Batly has the unique and sneaky advantage of camouflaging with comforters...

>> Click here to submit your cute pet!

Puppy or Chicken?

"It's remarkable how much Percy looks like a chicken..."

And it really is. Like one of those rubber chickens. Apparently, Percy the cute French bulldog sleeps like this all the time. There are TONS of videos of him sleeping.

First, I couldn't believe his owners had nothing better to do that video their dog sleeping -- and doesn't it get old? But then I realized I'd do the EXACT same thing.

They disabled embedding, so I can't put it right here, but check it out. Really cute. Poor thing.

Nov 9, 2008

Unicorns and Cupcakes

A delightful look into the life of the unicorn (why they're fat, I don't know... but I'm thinking it has something to do with cupcakes). These are such cute unicorns, too! By far the cutest ones I've ever seen.

And if anyone knows where the closest cupcake patch is, please let me know. I'm there.

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