Nov 14, 2008

Little Girl Tells the CUTEST Fairy Tale

In French... with subtitles!

No really, I think that makes it even cuter, because of her little voice and the way she says the words. So much expression, so much enthusiasm, so much imagination.

It's a dramatic tales of hippos, monkey, witches and popotamuses (What is that?! No matter; I'm sure they're precious.) I love her and this is another example of how cute I imagine my future-child will be (Here's the other example.)

And as my sister said, I wish she could tell me stories every night before I go to sleep...

*Thanks to Evyan for posting this cutie on Facebook!


  1. i'm wondering if they need a babysitter, and if they'll include the cost of the plane to france and back in my pay...

  2. This is the most precious thing I have ever seen! Brava!


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