Jan 12, 2013

It's Another Transport Day: 3 More Cats Going Home! #3catroadtrip

Yesterday we kicked off a 15-cat transport, and today three more kitties on getting on two other transports to their forever homes! This is the Best. Weekend. Ever.

Two cats are leaving Fort Lauderdale, FL for McAllen, TX and one cat is leaving San Antonio, TX for Vero Beach, FL -- they are going to basically meet in the middle and do a kitty swap!

Senior sisters Sera and Chloe found the most wonderful mommy in Texas, and they start their trip their tomorrow. They are going to sleepover at Cutehead Jan L.'s house tonight and then finish their journey on Sunday.

Me and Sera last night!
Former feral kitty, Petie, is starting his journey from San Antonio tomorrow. He was an outside cat who was trapped for Trap-Neuter-Return by Cute's friend Robin B., but ended up being way too sweet to return. He is one lucky kitty... he found a fabulous mom and dad (Robin's mom and dad, too!) in Vero Beach! He is just learning the luxury of being an inside kitty, and I'm so glad we can help him get home!

Petie learning to live the good life!
So many Cuteheads are helping this one! I am so grateful for such a wonderful community of friends. We are doing amazing things together!

I am going to share these three kitties' travels on the Cute's Facebook page and on Twitter using hashtag #3catroadtripFollow along and cheer on the kitties!

And don't forgeth the 15-cat road trip that kicked off yesterday is still on! The kitties slept over in Warner Robins, GA and are back on the road bright and early at 6 a.m.!

Want to help on a future transport? Fill out this simple form so I can call you if a kitty needs to go through your area! Form is here: http://bit.ly/cutetransport

Big thanks to Sera and Chloe's foster mom, Carie, and drivers Trish, Stacey, Renee, Dusti, Jen, Leigh, Tammy, Gretchen, Paula and Lisa! Also huge thank to Jan for driving AND letting Sera and Chloe sleepover and to Robin for making Petie's inside-cat dream come true!

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Jan 11, 2013

It's Transport Day: 15 Cats, 12 Drivers, 1,734 Miles, 3 Days! #15catroadtrip

Martin, Dean and Marley are ready to go!
It's our favorite kind of day again... Transport day!

Today 15 cats are hopping on the road and heading for five cities through the U.S.!

All of these cats were saved from the local kill shelter by me, and with the help of the ever-amazing Cutehead community, Good Karma Pet Rescue and a slew of other wonderful friends, all of these cats are safe and heading to happy lives!

They leave this morning at 9 a.m. ET from Fort Lauderdale. I'll be sharing updates and pictures on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page and also on Twitter using the hashtag #15catroadtrip.

For the past couple weeks, we've been getting the kitties all vetted and fixed and healthy for travel (big thanks to Stacey at Good Karma Pet Rescue for orchestrating this part!). They have been in various foster homes waiting for their big day, and today is it!

Twelve drivers, two sleepover homes and 28 hours of driving scheduled -- these kitties are traveling 1,734 miles and will arrive at their final spot on Sunday afternoon!


There are two more than this!
Dottie (now Candy) - She is going to a wonderful home in Georgia with Cutehead Roberta S.! I am so happy for her. She found a perfect mommy!

Look how cute Emmie is!
Marley, Dean, Bingley, Martin, Cody, Simba - All of these kittens were saved from Broward Animal Control in Pompano. They were starting to get sick... and we busted them out just in the nick of time! They are going to Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary OARS) in Neenah, Wisconson -- they hardly have any kittens and know they'll get adopted right away!

Buzz, Ellie and Emmie - These three kittens were surrendered to animal control even though there were gorgeous, wonderful cats. So sad to see this happen. So happy they are safe! They are going to OARS also. Emmie is particularly beautiful if you ask me, a sweet black girl.

Me and Berger! He's a lapcat!
Cleopatra - Cleopatra was an owner surrender to animal control also. She was surrendered with her sister. Her sister got adopted, but Cleo was left behind. It was looking bad for her until a wonderful woman named Heather G. in St. Louis, Missouri said she'd give her a home. We're dropping Cleo off in Louisville, where Heather has family.

Bobby - Ah, Bobby. He is going to Heather's home, too! He is the cutest thing and so sweet, but there was no interest in him. The shelter kept begging for his rescue... and finally it came!

Candy got dressed for Christmas!
Berger - I saved the best for last. Berger was in the feral cages at animal control (feral cages means two days is all they get), but was meowing up a storm. Fantastic shelter worker, Beth, went to go see what was up, and it turns out he's the sweetest cat ever! Tons of people rallied for his rescue, and finally an adopter came forward! So Berger got out and went to get neutered... and he tested FIV+ on the table. The vet recommended putting him down, but we said NO WAY! But because he was FIV+, his home fell through. I put out an all-call and the wonderful folks at Forever Home Feline Ranch in Illinois said he could be their office cat until he finds a home! Yay! So we're dropping him off at Springfield. Quite a story that cat has.

Blacky and Missy (not pictured) - Two big black cats saved from animal control also! Yay for so many black cats on this transport! They are getting dropped off in Jacksonville, FL.

So that's the 15! And what's even more exciting... There are three more cats going on separate transports that start tomorrow! I'll write about them tomorrow. (You can follow them on the Facebook page, too, and using hashtag #3catroadtrip.

I am so grateful for such a fabulous community of friends we have here. We can do so much good when we work together! Thank you to everyone who is a part of this and who helped share and network and donate. These cats will be on the road for three days...

Let's cheer them on and get these babies home!

Want to help drive for a future transport? Fill out our Cute Kitty Transport form so we have your contact info: http://bit.ly/cutetransport

Simba has the most unique face!
Thanks to Maribel M. for getting Cleopatra, Bobby, Berger, Blacky and Missy out safe and helping find them homes. Thank to Roberta S. for opening her home to Candy, Brenda Barton for opening up Forever Home Feline Ranch to Berger and Jenny S. at OARS for taking in nine kittens! Thanks to Heather G. for adopting Cleopatra and Bobby. Thanks to Wendy K. for helping sort out so much of the transport and Sharon F. for being an amazing foster mom to the graybies and Cody and Bingley. Thank you to Kd, Anette, Laura, Tia, Emily, Marsha, Katy, Dee, Dawn and Carol for dedicated part of their weekend to help these kitties get to their spots. And, of course, as I mentioned up there, biggest thanks to Stacey of Good Karma Pet Rescue!

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Jan 10, 2013

Cuddly Cat Cuddles with His Daddy's Head (and Our Biggest Transport Yet!)

Jack the cat is a big orange cat with a big amount of love to give... and he loves to show it by loving and cuddling with his daddy's head.

What a snugglebug!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Starting tomorrow, this is going to be the most amazing weekend ever! We have 20 cats being transported on three different transport (all with the help of Cuteheads!) and going to all different cities in the U.S.! It's the BIGGEST one ever!

Follow along on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page -- I'll be sharing pictures and updates so we can watch the kitties along the way!

I'll also be tweeting using the hashtag #15catroadtrip (
for the cats going to Wisconsin) Friday through Sunday! There are three other cats on a transport Saturday and Sunday, and we'll probably use a different hashtag for them. Fun!

HUGE thanks to Cute's amazing partner in rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue, and everyone who has helped share and donate and drive these kitties home. So many lives saved. I will post more about them tomorrow (so many people to thank and stories to tell!), but I wanted to give you heads up so you can watch.

Transport starts at 9:00 a.m. ET tomorrow!

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Jan 9, 2013

Baby Bulldog Learns to Walk (and Makes the Silliest Noises Doing It!)

Tebow is a teensy little bulldog who is just learning to take a few steps. He is trying SO hard, you can just tell by all the noises coming out of him.

Keep it up, Tebow! You'll be as big and strong as your namesake in no time.

Full disclosure: I'm a Gator and I think this dog is extra cute because of his name! Thanks to Cute's Facebook friend, Heidi P., for sharing this cute baby bulldog video! Why not subscribe to Your Daily Cute by email? Don't miss a Cute!

Jan 8, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: How NOT to Take a Picture of a Cat

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Pimp would like to show you why it is so hard to get a good picture of a cat.

It's a miracle any of us have any decent pictures of our kitties. Do you all get this level of cooperation also?

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Jan 7, 2013

Cat Really Wants His Treats

Sam knows how to make a point, and his point right now is that he would like some treats.

Now. And if his demands are not met, he'll make it happen his own way.

This is just like Moo. If there is anything on the table, it's fair game... and usually ends up on the floor.

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Jan 6, 2013

Cat Gets the Mail

Isn't getting mail exciting? (Well, when it's not junk mail anyway, right?)

Turns out, it can be just as exciting for cats, especially when you have a mail slot in your door and it appears like magic... a toy just waiting to be gotten!

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