Jan 7, 2013

Cat Really Wants His Treats

Sam knows how to make a point, and his point right now is that he would like some treats.

Now. And if his demands are not met, he'll make it happen his own way.

This is just like Moo. If there is anything on the table, it's fair game... and usually ends up on the floor.

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  1. I reckon cats are inclined to knock things off perches. We may be more or less obvious, but that's not unlike many humans.

  2. Oh sure! Of course if they want something different they know where it is and will go to all lengths to get it - turn up noses, walk away, etc. (Trained by the long-time previous babies).

  3. My Bella will turn up her nose at any snack hubby tries to give her, but if he leaves the treat bag out, she'll squirrel it away, tear into the bag, and eat every last piece. Such funny creatures!

  4. I think they need a new storage spot for the treats!

  5. Samwise is very wise.


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