Jan 17, 2009

3 Little Ninjas

Clearly these three kitties are masters of Meowtial Arts...


Making Poop Song

I'm not one for potty humor (OK, you got me, I am), but this is too cute! A little spoof on Salt N Pepa's Shoop.

"I'm stuck in this doodoo so please do the voodoo that you do when I poo..."


Kitten Conquers the Climb!

This kitten has been training day and night, 14 hours a day, for this moment. Watch as the tension builds, the anticipation soars... and the kitten conquers the skyscraping laundry rack!

Kitten, you are my hero.

OK, so I was a little overdramatic, but the music inspired me.

Jan 14, 2009

Bless You Cat

I certainly hope this cat's owner doesn't have allergies... the poor thing would never get a break!

He is well-trained, though, isn't he? A very polite puddy!

Jan 13, 2009

Moo: The Newest Member of My Family!

Well, those of you that have been following know Moo the cat showed up on my porch a few weeks ago. I've been feeding him, petting him, loving him and worrying about him since then.

And he's been steadily working his little way into my little heart -- and it worked! As of last night, I brought him in and am the proud mommy of a Moo.

Now, I've been the proud mommy of a Pimp for nine years now, so naturally I'm a little worried about him adjusting, but I think it'll all work out OK. They seem to tolerate each other right off, so that's good. I know they'll be best friends real soon!

Check out their meeting in this quick clip and some pics below...

Aren't they just the cutest thing?

Jan 12, 2009

Skateboarding Dog

This bulldog is one cool dude!

Meet Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog. He's from Venice Beach and his totally rad skills have even gotten him in an iPhone commercial.

He was only about a year and a half old in this video and is apparently a much better skateboarder now (Better?! He's already way better here than I'd ever be...).

After you watch Tillman's sweet moves, see another cute one in this bulldog Petsmart commercial!

He REALLY Doesn't Like That

This baby is really having a rough time with his peas. At least, I'm assuming it's peas -- it's green, and I can only assume it'll be even greener later.

Not that his reactions made me think of that...

Jan 11, 2009

Cat Takes Over Weather Report

Today's weather is mostly sunny, with a slight chance of showers. Looks like we've got a cat moving in from the east...

Lupin the cat calmly walks into the live report, and the weatherman just scoops him up and keeps on going. Every news station should have a resident cat. I'd so much rather watch Lupin than, say, Rick Sanchez on CNN...

Too bad I don't speak German -- I'd love to hear what's he's saying about the cat strolling in. Surely he comments. :)

*A special meow goes to Marci for sharing this (and one for Lupin the cat, too)!
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