Aug 14, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Good Butt Rub?!?

I think I can speak for almost all kitties out there when I say there's nothing like a good butt rub. Right, cats? There's just that spot...

I love how she meows for more when her mom stops!

Thanks to Cute's friend, Samir, for passing on this super cute cat butt rub video!

Aug 13, 2010

Extreme Sports Kitten (Stair Slide Event!)

Gladys the kitten likes boxes (what kitten doesn't, right?). But... do all kittens love jumping in boxes and sliding down the stairs in them like she does?

Probably not! This is one extreme kitten!

And her daddy wanted to make sure everyone knew she was having fun doing this and really loves to do it, so here's a longer version of the video above. She can't wait to get in the box! So funny.

Aug 12, 2010

Coco's Crazy Treat Game

You can't fool Coco. No, sir. She's one smart rescue pup!

Her daddy puts a treat under one of two cups and then mixes them all around -- and then Coco points to which cup has the treat under it! And she's right (almost) all the time!

Aug 11, 2010

Iris the Cat Lands a Plane

Iris is a well-traveled kitty and she doesn't mind being in planes. In fact, she is the copilot of her daddy's plane... and she helps him land it!

They really are a sweet little duo, her and her daddy. (And if you're worried that the plane noise might be too loud for her, no worries -- he made her some ear muffs!)

Aug 10, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo's Secret Toy

Pssst... Moo has a secret. Well, it's actually kind of MY secret, but he thinks it's his. Or maybe it's neither of ours.

Huh? I dunno. Ask Victoria. I bet she has a secret me and Moo can both love...

Ooooh... Look what I got...

I better hug it tight so it doesn't get away. Oh, and put da bitey on it, too!

And just for good measure... bunny kick, bunny kick, bunny kick!

Pimp does not approve.

Aug 9, 2010

Crazy Kitten's Cockroach Dance (and a Little Meow Update!)

I'm pretty sure that most of the time a kitty goes after a bug, it's not to kill it... it's to play with it. How fun! They pounce and paw and sometimes nibble, and those buggies just keep on keepin' on.

Allow me to submit Exhibit A:

...and Exhibit B, Exhibit C and Exhibit D. Cute rests their case.

Little Meow Update
Well, Little Meow has had her good days and bad days. Lately, she's taken to peeing where little girl cats are not supposed to... like on their humans' bed and in their cat beds. She did it three times last week all of the sudden -- she'd been a good girl the whole time before that (one oops, but we chalked that up to a new environment, so she was excused).

It could have been several reasons, probably behavioral why she did it, so we have done a few things to help her stop. We bought her four Feliway diffusers to put throughout the house and some Feliway spray to spray on her spots.

She is also spending the nights in her room now, instead of free roaming around the house. Her new mommy says their cat, Shongy, has been chasing her a little more, so that could be stressing her out. This way, she gets some relaxing separation (and she's been doing her bad peeing at night, so this should help that). So far, pretty good with the new plan.

She also went to the vet Saturday to rule out any urinary infections, which could cause this as well. She was a horrible patient and the vet couldn't check her out, and he didn't want to sedate her since she hadn't fasted and she could throw up and choke on it. (Awww.) But he did speak with Giselle and her husband and they all agreed it was probably behavioral.

They are going out of town next week and Little Meow is going to stay in her room during that time. Giselle's parents will be staying there so Little Meow and Shongy won't be alone, but paws crossed Little Meow decides she likes them! She has met them before and even rubbed on their legs, so it should be OK...

Basically, we have to get the pee pee behavior under control. We have taken some good steps and now it's up to Meow to do her part. And she HAS to do her part... (She will, I just know it!)

I don't have any new pictures today, but check her out on the header at the top of the page! :) Have a great day, everyone!

Updated update!
I talked to Giselle this morning. Little Meow was good last night -- no pee pees outside the litter box! But, she's noticed she's been limping a little. We think maybe fighting the vet might have strained her little leg or something. It's not bad, she doesn't seem to be in pain and she is acting totally normal and unaffected by it, so I told her to just keep an eye on her and hopefully she'll rest and shake it off. :) She's a trooper!

Aug 8, 2010

Cat Conquers Treadmill!

November is a treadmill rookie. I think her friends probably told her it would a good way for her to practice her catwalk moves -- she has to figure out how to use the darn thing first...

It slides her off a couple times, but she's not giving up! No, not November. She's going to persevere. She's going to do this. She's... she's... she's got it!

(P.S. The video is a little long, but I loved watching her face and how persistent she is. Enjoy!)

Today is National Cat Day! Hope all the cats take FULL advantage and celebrate and demand extra nip. Cute loves the kitties!

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