Aug 8, 2010

Cat Conquers Treadmill!

November is a treadmill rookie. I think her friends probably told her it would a good way for her to practice her catwalk moves -- she has to figure out how to use the darn thing first...

It slides her off a couple times, but she's not giving up! No, not November. She's going to persevere. She's going to do this. She's... she's... she's got it!

(P.S. The video is a little long, but I loved watching her face and how persistent she is. Enjoy!)

Today is National Cat Day! Hope all the cats take FULL advantage and celebrate and demand extra nip. Cute loves the kitties!


  1. omg! is that the cutest face ever? :D
    - I just noticed the pic at the top of the page with Little Meow! Tell her "hi" back for me :)

  2. haha- first time I've ever seen a cat on a treadmill. So funny.

  3. Oh, Mario! Cats on treadmills are a phenomenon! Hehe. It's the cutest thing.

    Here's another one! :)

  4. That cat's expression is terrific. Like here I come Mom, I can do it.
    I didn't see little Meow's picture either at first. How is she doing?? I hope better. We need and update.

  5. Actually, I just put Little Meow up there yesterday! Figured she was cute enough to be on the Cute. Hehe!

    I'll post an update tomorrow for everyone. I have been posting lots about her on Cute's Facebook page, so if anyone has Facebook, follow over there, too:".

    She's had her ups and downs and her goods and bads, but I hope we're over the hump and on the way to ALL GOOD!

  6. That was great, yep, she sure was determined! I hope y'all have a wonderful World Cat Day every single day!

  7. She is one determined kitty. Very cute!


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