Mar 21, 2009

Hai 5 Kitteh

Seriously? I have nothing to add to this. Just awwwww...

More cute lolcats, please.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Jack Rabbit Bauer in Bunny "24"

The bunny version of 24... starring Raisin as Jack Rabbit Bauer!

(Did I ever mention how much I love it when people have too much time on their hands?!)

Adorable Baby Elephant!

Meet Ko Raya, a 5-day-old baby elephant at the Berlin Zoo.

According the the L.A. Times, she made her little public debut today, looking ever so cute (all 370 pounds of her!). Such a cute, cute thing! Makes me want to go to the zoo...

More cute zoo animals, please.

Photos by Steffi Loos/AFP/Getty Images

Cat Doesn't Need Any Stinkin' Utensils

Forks are for humans. Cats have evolved way past that silly business.

Using utensils just complicates everything: You have to pick it up before you eat with it (extra step), then wash it (extra tedious step), then put it away (admit it: this step never happens). So why not just use your paw?

More kitty feeding techniques, please.

Mar 20, 2009

Mona Greasa (cute if you like cheeseburgers...)

We're straying from the typical "cute" for a moment to share this "cool" video (Cute... cool... Close enough. Both start with C's, right?)

This guy paints the Mona Lisa with cheeseburger grease. Scary, and really neat at the same time.

The making of the Mona Greasa:

Well, Hello There!

This owl reminds me of our old Olan Mills family portrait... "Tilt your head to the left. A little more... a little more... a little more... OK, now hold it..." Awful.

More funny birdies, please.

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Mar 19, 2009

How Does This Cat Fit in There?!

Or perhaps, more importantly: Why does he want to fit in there? He reminds me of those street performers who cram themselves into tiny boxes and wait for you to give them a dollar for looking so ridiculous...

Either way, this silly cat is cute as anything! And he looks so comfortable in there, doesn't he?

Kind of reminds me of the cat in the vase.

Cutest, Funniest Hula Hoop Baby Ever!

I love kids. They say the silliest things and do some of the funniest things... without even realizing it.

Take this hula hoop baby, for instance. He's hula-hooping, right? You shake your hips, your wiggle around and that's all there is to it...

Then see the "kick his ask" girl!

Mar 18, 2009

Announcing... America's Next Top Cat Model

After much anticipation, Your Daily Cute is excited to announce the winner of our America's Next Top Cat Model competition is...


Big congratulations for Monkey, who won this su-purr-model honor amongst an incredibly gorgeous crowd of fancy felines -- there were over 100 photo entries in the competition!

It was a tight competition right up to the very end, with the two top cat separated by only 22 votes! Monkey Cat's fabulous photo and sheer, natural modeling talent however earned this special win with a pawsitively impressive 30% of the votes!

Monkey Cat will be awarded a $10 gift card to Petco to buy a special prize (every kitty has their own special tastes...)! Congratulations again, Monkey!

Join in the celebration! Congratulate Monkey Cat by commenting below!

(See the final results here and for more from Monkey, follow @Monkey_Cat on Twitter)

Ninja Kitty... Part 2!

You remember the original Ninja Cat... now here's Ninja Cat Part 2 -- the sneakier, more shocking version!

It is our opinion that are all kittens and cats are indeed part ninja. This is what you get for trying to catch a ninja cat in action...

Extreme Sheep Herding!

Seriously, how cool is this?

It has all the necessities for a fabulous video: cute doggies, cute sheep, pretty lights, fun music, and a group of people with WAY too much time on their hands...

Enjoy the sheep in LED clothes!

In the Kitchen, On the Table, with the Checkered Tablecloth

...and he went down hard.

What?! Oh, we're talking about this cute sleepy puppy -- he's out for the count. You can tell he's a little wobbly... and then a little wobbly... and then, PLOP. Down he goes.

More sleepy puppies, please

Kitties Need Clean Ears Too...

I don't know about you all, but if I tried to stick a Q-Tip in Moo's ear, I might not make it out alive.

But this pretty tabby doesn't seem to mind at all. In fact, if I was to bet, I'd say he's probably purring...

Mar 17, 2009

Burping Dog (excuse him)

It happens to all of us... There you are with your face in the camera panting away when, suddenly, burp!

Oh, wait. That doesn't happen to you all the time? Hmm. Oh well. It sure happened to Eddie...

Leprechaun Cats and Shamrocked Puppies!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Your Daily Cute!

Enjoy this ultra cute video of the some fabulously festive pets...

Cute Pet Spotlight: Cat Butt Cooldown

Puddle the cat has a very unique (and un-shy) way of cooling her fluffy tuckus. She simply sits on the air conditioner, stuffs her face in it and airs out her little behind like that's perfectly normal.

I mean, she even smiles at the camera while she's doing it. I imagine it's rather refreshing, but can you imagine if humans did this? I'd never look at you the same way again...

More cute pet spotlight, please.

Mar 16, 2009

Incredible GREASE Dancing Doggie Routine!

Wow! Rookie the dancing dog is surely no rookie when it comes to getting down!

Check him and his dancing partner, Carolyn, out -- they do Grease better than the original version as far as I'm concerned. Rookie's got some sweet moves!

(and just wait till around 2:00 when he starts backpeddling... whoa, doggie!)

After this, how about a moonwalking pug?

Lil' Joe the Kitty is So Cute It Hurts...

Lil' Joe: Oh hai, you got the video camera? Then I'm just going to sit here and look really, really cute. Maybe I'll lick my paws a little. Actually, come to think of it, maybe I'll do this cute little thing with my paws... and give you that face.

Us: Awwww...

Chick Hatching... How Cute is That?!

First we watched baby duckies diving today, and now a little more baby bird action... a chick hatching! Believe me, a chicky being born is MUCH cuter than how us humans do it.

Watch little Henry (I've named him that, no idea why) come out of his little shell...

More chicken, please.

Baby Ducky Diving!

These are five lucky duckies! Not only did they get adopted and have a happy home, but they get to go for a daily swim in the pool -- complete with diving board!

I think ducks should stay little and cute forever...

More baby duckies, please.

Funny Cat and Fish Commercial

Do NOT underestimate the fishy...

More cute commercials, please.

Mar 15, 2009

Kitty Say What?

Not our usual "cute" type of video... but way too many cute kitties in this one to pass up!

Kitty say what?

Next Top Cat Model: Honorable Mentions

All these kitties received "honorable mentions" in the America's Next Top Model Contest! Each one received finalist votes, but unfortunately ended up just shy of the top five...

But they're all so beautiful, we had to give them their own page with their own proper credit! With over 100 photo entries to choose from, this is a great job, kitties!

See the five finalists for America's Next Top Cat Model and VOTE HERE!

The gorgeous and handsome honorable mentions, in no particular order...





copyright by BZTAT at Art Adventures Studios






Don't forget to vote for the winner here! Voting ends Wednesday, March 18th at 12pm EST.

Vote for America's Next Top Cat Model Now!

CUTE UPDATE: Thanks to all who voted! Voting is now closed. See the winner here!

The time has finally come... the America's Next Top Cat Model entries have been reviewed by The Cute Crew judges (no small feat, I tell you), and the five finalists have been chosen!

It's an exciting day here at the Cute. After over a week of anticipation, we can't wait to see who the winner will be!

These fabulous felines have worked hard to get where they are now. Photo shoots that yield amazing pictures like this are not easy. It takes grooming, treats, toys, humans begging them to look this way or that, just the right expression and the perfect amount of cattitude to pull off such gorgeous shots.

Please take a look at the five finalists below and vote by picking your choice on the poll to the right! Good luck to all these pretty kitties!





Monkey Cat
It was EXTREMELY hard to narrow the finalists down. So many potential su-purr-models entered to be America's Next Top Cat Model!

That said, there were a few fancy felines that were so close to making the cut that it tugged on Your Daily Cute's heartstrings not to be able to choose all of them -- so we dedicated a page just for them... Please check out America's Next Top Cat Model honorable mentions page!

(Feel free to leave comments there about those beautiful kitties, too!)

Notes: The finalists were chosen by a panel of five judges we like to call "The Cute Crew" -- friends and family of Special thanks to Evyan, Bob, Maraly and Cathy for helping with the contest!

Cat Food Worshiping Ritual

Here's the chant to do while performing the ritual: Nommmmmm... Nommmmmm... Nommmmm....

Apparently, there is canned cat food in that refrigerator, and one must properly perform this worshiping ritual to get it out.

OK, now gimme.

Incredible Slam-Dunking Doggie

I'm still working on getting my jaw closed... it dropped open while I was watching Zeke the basketball-playing doggie and it hasn't gone back to normal yet. I am totally in awe!

Check it out: This dog can dribble and dunk (which is more for some of the players my alma mater's basketball team this year... sorry, UF, but it's true). Maybe they should recruit Zeke!

But really, how do you train a dog to do this? I mean, this is no silly "sit" or "roll over" we're talking about...

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