Feb 1, 2009

Cop Stops Rush Hour to Help Duckies Cross!

To serve and protect (animals, too!)...

This officer stops rush hour on a busy interstate to help a mother duck and her baby ducklings safely cross the road. It's not the best quality video, but that didn't stop me from clapping all by myself in my living room at the end when the duckies made it safely across.

More ducky cuteness here!


  1. Whew!! How man lives saved? Kudos and BRAVO to that officer!!!

  2. Thanks for showing us a humane police officer who didn't fear all the honking because he was helpful for a cute, little family! If only ... well, you get the drift!

  3. i was clapping too. on both videos.  there are some great people in this world.

  4. True love for humanity and the world!


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