Mar 7, 2009

Doggie Dishwasher

No need to rinse those dishes before putting them in the dishwasher anymore with this pooch around!

Simply place your dirty plates straight in the rack -- and the incredible dishwashing doggie does the rest. I'm sure the thoroughness of the job is directly related to if what you had for dinner was yummy for doggies though...

Got Milk?

Awww... a reverse kitler!

funny pictures of cats with captions<

More lolcats here and here!

Thank You to All Who Donated!

Just wanted to send out a quick thank you to all who donated to Your Daily Cute's fundraising for the Humane Society's Walk for the Animals today!

Together we raised $285... almost double our $150 goal!

The money goes straight to the Broward County Humane Society, where they'll use it to feed and care for homeless kitties and doggies at the shelter. To me, there's no better charity.

Thank you again to all who donated! And if you would still like to contribute, fundraising will still be open for the next couple days (better late than never, right?) at our donation site:

Cute Pet Spotlight: Happy Caturday!

Nothing says Caturday like a lazy, yawning kitty stretch (demonstrated below most expertly by Monkey Cat).

It's important, however, to make sure you do it just right. To ensure a proper stretch, one must:

1. Extend to maximum cat length. This includes total extension of the legs, arms and tail.
2. Two words: Jazz paws.
3. Be sure your belly is facing up, or at least 80% up. If you're too lazy about your stretch and do it on your side, you won't get the best effect.
4. Yaaaaaawn, and yawn big. This also gives you the opportunity to stretch your tongue out as well (I guess we can now add tongue to #1).

*Thanks to our twitter critter friend, Monkey Cat, for posting such a cute picture!

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Doing the Sleepy Sway

Sure, we know this baby's really sleepy, but let's use our imaginations just for fun. I'm going to pretend that he's really groovin' to some good music. It's a nice smooth beat, and he can't help but nod his head...

OK, maybe that wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

Anyway, keep your eye on his brother next to him -- he's trying so hard to keep watching TV, but he just keeps glancing over with these looks...

Mar 6, 2009

Howard's Big Dig...

Howard the bunny is serious about his digging. He's dedicated, determined, and maybe a little obsessed... but how cute does he look doing it?!

More bunny, please.

Also, kudos to his people for letting him do this to their lawn so we could enjoy such a cute little video! :)

Chicken Haz a Flavor

I'm not 100% sure why someone would put a chicken and two kittens together, but it seems to be working out OK for all of them.

One tiny kitty is even cleaning the little chicken! Either that or he's sampling the menu... (I'm going with option A, though.)

Mar 5, 2009

Remote Control Mouse: Toy or Terror?

Tink the kitten has a love/hate relationship with his remote control mouse toy. It sure it fun... but then it can also scare the bejesus out of him!

As a human, I wish I were as easily amused. Wouldn't the world be a happier place?

Aww... Cute Baby Tiger!

This cute baby tiger is just like a regular little kitty! I know she's going to be too big and too strong to be a house pet, but I would love to cuddle with her before he does!

"Hadiah" (that's the name they gave her at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle) is about 2 years old now, but she was about 3 weeks old in this video.

Listen to her little baby tiger meow... and she even does that sweet little kneading thing!

More zoo babies, please.

Mar 4, 2009

Kitlers: Cats With Hitler Mustaches...

Have you heard of Kitlers? They're cats that look like Hitler!

While Your Daily Cute does not support that awful, awful man in any way, we do LOVE these kitties and their cute little "mustaches"...

Little sidenote: I feed a little Kitler in the parking lot of my office every day -- and she's about to have babies any day now! Anyone in Florida, keep an ear out for me looking for good homes for them soon... :)

Whole Lotta Nom Goin' On...

These critters are huuuungry, and this little video cracks me right up.

More nom, please.

Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog

I imagine Bizkit the sleepwalking dog is dreaming an exciting puppy dream where his human is throwing a Frisbee for him and he gets to go get it, or there's a cat that he's crazily running after, or someone's calling him over to give him a doggie treat... or there's a wall.

Oh. Wait. That part wasn't a dream...

*Special thanks to Marci for pointing out this crazy dog.

Mar 3, 2009

World's Ugliest Cat?

This is "Ugly Bat Boy" -- he lives in a veterinary hospital in New Hampshire, and he's so ugly he's cute. He was adopted by the vet here and, for obvious reasons, has become the star of the place.

Personally, I would have named him Austin Powers (what with all that chest hair), but I can see the Bat Boy thing, too. Check him out!

Now That's a Smart Dog!

This dog might just be smarter than a lot of PEOPLE out there (not you, of course, just saying...).

Here's the dilemma: Someone throws his ball into the most disgusting pool I've ever seen. Clearly, jumping into that sludge is not the best option. And what he does is pure doggie genius.

Dog 1, Ball 0.

Mar 2, 2009

Baby Gives a Speech

This is about as eloquent a political speech I've ever heard...

*For the record, the other post title I was toying with had something to do with a certain former president and the likelihood of this possibly being a video of him as a child. I refrained, though, because politics are not Cute. :)

Mar 1, 2009

Albino Animals

An awesome collection of cute albino animals!

My personal favorite are the albino tiger and giraffe. The albino lion is beautiful, and the albino snake is just plain freaky looking. And as far as the poor albino zebra is concerned... crazy! A zebra with no stripes!

They're still all really cute, though. Watch and awww.

Just Two REALLY Cute Kitties

I'm not sure why, but it seems like the cats in Japan are extra-super cute. All of them. Not that I don't love our good ole American kitties, but the ones they have there are just, well, special.

Like these two little puffballs. Sure, our kitties play, but this is a really, really cute play...

Am I right?
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