Sep 18, 2010

Stick 'em Up, Kitty!

Put you paws up where we can see them, cute kitty! And keep 'em there. And wiggle a bunch. And show us your kitten belly, too...

This video is not new, but at the time it was posted they were trying to figure out a name for this silly little guy. Apparently, he "squeaked" a lot, so they were thinking about Squeakers. What would you have named him?

Do you want to help pets?
Of course you do... You wouldn't be here if you weren't an animal lover! Well, if you don't already know, Cute is one of the founding members of the BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets movement -- and we're issuing our latest challenge to YOU, all our pet-blogging friends!

"Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week" is Sept. 19-25 and we're challenging pet bloggers to post about a less adoptable pet during this time to help spread awareness and hopefully give some of these amazing animals a second glance, and a second chance at finding a forever home.

Often, senior pets, handicapped pets, special needs pets, breeds of discrimination -- and many other less adoptables -- are overlooked at shelters, and don't get the chance that perfect little fluffy kittens or playful little puppies get. And that's not right! They are perfect, too, in their own special way.

For details about the Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Challenge, please visit the Be the Change for Pets Facebook page. There are sample posts, ideas, tips, a banner you can put on your site and a place for you to add your site to the Linky list of blogs that have posted.

Come on, you guys, let's be the change for these special pals!

Sep 17, 2010

Dog Babysits a Crazy Pack of Puppies

Uncle Sherman the Airedale dog had no idea what he signed up for when he said he's dogsit this litter of silly, wiggly, rambunctious Scottish terrier puppies!

The run, hope, chase and climb all over him -- and the whole thing couldn't be any cuter. He's a good sport, isn't he?

Thanks to Cute's friend at Daily Dog Scoop for scooping us on this cute puppy video!

Sep 16, 2010

Talking Cat in the Sink

Don't you hate it when people try to have a conversation with you while you're in the bathroom? I mean, even if you're not really doing anything in there but getting away from everyone else (guys, I think you know what I mean) -- can't a talking cat just relax in a sink in peace?

Buddy's a good sport about it, though. And, no, he's not fat, thank you very much.

Sep 15, 2010

Kitten in a Bowl

This little fluffball is so cute that I could just eat her up! And how convenient that she's already in a bowl, huh?

Of course's Cute would never actually eat a kitty... but maybe a little love nibble? :)

Bonus Cute: Fat cat in a little bowl!

Sep 14, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo Close Up!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads!

I didn't really have any idea what to do for today's post, so I just stuck the camera in front of each cat's face and said, "OK, look cute." And guess what? It worked!

Pimp and Moo have looking cute down to a science.

Mom, get that camera out of my (super pink-nosed, super cute) face!

No, really. Get it out. I'm starting to get annoyed...

*sigh* Fine. If you absolutely insist... Here's my cute face.

I don't need to be convinced to look cute like Moo does. You want cute? Tada!

And... tada! More cute.

And for my grand finale... TADA!

Sep 13, 2010

Rottweiler Puppy Has the Hiccups

Hiccups are such silly things, aren't they? Once you get them, they're so hard to get rid of... but you can't help but giggle about it a little every time one comes up.

So maybe that's why this sweet hiccupy Rottweiler puppy is so adorable. (Or maybe it's just his face -- have you ever seen anything sweeter?!)

Someone get the little guy a bowl of water or teach him how to hold his breath!

Pssst... How about a hiccup hamster?

Sep 12, 2010

Sink Drinking Cat Needs Some Lessons...

Stella likes to drink water from the sink. (What cat doesn't right?)

It's just the her technique could probably use, um, a little help -- she seems to be almost completely missing the water! Can any kitties offer some tips?

Bonus Cute: Pimp drinking from sink!

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