Oct 20, 2012

The Saga of the Collapsed Box

When it comes to cats and boxes, they can be very stubborn.

It IS a box and I WILL get in it, no matter what size or shape (or level of crushedness). And if I can't get in it, I'll get on it. And if some other cat is in the box, then I will wait and watch... and scoot right in when it's available!

Oh, and if there's someone in the box already, it's totally OK to just sit on top of it -- and them.

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Oct 19, 2012

Oskar the Blind Cat Plays on the Bed

Oskar the blind cat has been blind since birth, but just because he can't see where a toy is doesn't mean he doesn't know where it is...

His sense of directional hearing is so amazing that if you didn't know he was blind, you wouldn't even know it watching this video! He knows exactly where the toy is when his daddy plays with him and pounces on it just as good as any cat!

BONUS CUTE: Watch Oskar the blind cat go for a walk!

EXCITING NOTE FROM CUTE! Nominations are now open for this year's Santa Paws Drive! If you all didn't know, I started this with a few friends a few years ago and it's my favorite thing to do ever! We take toy, treat and cash donations (all online on the site) and divide them up between shelters each year and send off huge gift boxes to give shelter animals some holiday cheer! Want your favorite rescue of shelter to be one of the six we choose this year? Nominate your shelter here!

And like Santa Paws Drive on Facebook and follow @SantaPawsDrive too, please!

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Oct 18, 2012

Baby Sloth Yawning

For such funny looking animals, baby sloths sure are cute! And as it turns out, they are even cuter when they're all worn out and pooped from a long day of slothing around.

I can't imagine being a baby sloth is very exhausting, but whatever this guy did all day has him yawning the biggest baby sloth yawn ever!

BONUS CUTE: Baby sloth bath time!

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Oct 17, 2012

How Cute Can a Cow Cat Be?

I don't know about you all, but I could sit and watch cats just doing what cats do for hours. They are the most peaceful, wonderful creatures (except maybe when they have the zoomies, of course!).

So it's no surprise that I this video caught my eye. Besides the fact that I love cow kitties, this one is especially cute! This video is just a bunch of pieces in time in Pancake the cat's life -- nothing special, just a cat being a cat.

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Oct 16, 2012

National Feral Cat Day: You Don't Have to Be Cuddly to Be Cute

Some of the cats that mean the most to me won't even let me near them. I can't hug them or kiss them and they don't sleep in the bed with me. If I can catch them off guard and get a little pet in on their back while they're eating, it's something to celebrate.

These are feral cats. They're not cuddly, but they're cute... and very special to me.

Today is National Feral Cat Day, an annual day started over a decade ago by Alley Cat Allies, one of my favorite organizations in the whole wide world. Other big organizations say they support all cats, but Alley Cat Allies is special -- they focus on feral and stray cats, or as they call them, "community cats."

National Feral Cat Day was started to promote the humane care of feral cats and to educate everyone about how important (and effective!) Trap-Neuter-Return, or TNR, is. I can't think of a better day to get behind and support. I am behind this 100%!
The Meows! Little Meow in front, Daddy Meow in back.

I don't remember exactly when I realized how much feral cats needed our help. About seven years ago, I saw a black cat in my office parking lot. I probably tried to call it. I'm sure it didn't come.

I kept seeing that same cat, and noticed he had a friend... a beautiful, petite tuxie. After I saw them a few times, I decided to bring a small Ziploc of my cat's food with me to work to give to them. I named those two cats The Meows, and I really believe it was them that got me so active in the rescue and cat-saving world.

Fast forward about a year later, and there were suddenly 14 parking lot kitties in different lots at office park I was helping care for (with the help of two other wonderful women!). Most people didn't even know the cats were there, but they were -- and some still are -- a huge part of our lives. They were all spayed/neutered.

Now, seven years later, thanks to TNR and making sure they each get any vet visits they need (and us helping them to the Bridge when they tell us they are ready), there are only five cats left there.

Me feeding Lilo, one of the parking lot kitties. (She is at the Bridge now.)
We've found wonderful homes for some and we've cried over many as we've had to say goodbye for various health reasons, and every single one of them has had plenty of food to eat and fresh water every single day.

Over the years, we've had some rough times where we've had to convince different property managers or close-minded people to let them stay. It seems like every couple years it comes up; last year the hotel next door even hired a company to set traps for them (not a kitty was caught, smart kitties!).

Sweet Pea, looking gorgeous as usual.
Sweet Pea and Westin will let me pet them and love to rub and get attention. Crybaby, Stitch and Orange Guy keep their distance. Orange Guy hisses from two feet away, but we know it's out of love. Stitch is coming around, I think, and this weekend I actually pet her a few times while she was eating. Crybaby is, well, he's Crybaby. He darts away, but if you time it just right, you can maybe rub his back one time.

Feral cats have been getting some really bad press lately and it's up to us to change the way the world thinks about them. They are not rabid, they will not hunt you down and bite you and they are not a health risk. Feral cats keep to themselves and most of the time you don't even know they're there. They are scared of people and hide in bushes. All they want is to live in peace (and maybe a little water and food if you can).

So won't you help me spread the word? Feral cats are our friends!

Some resources:

Alley Cat Allies
National Feral Cat Day stuff to share on Facebook
TNR Guide
Great resources for dealing with property management that wants feral cats removed

P.S. We may need to launch an all-out campaign to find Sweet Pea a home real soon. More details coming. She is my favorite one out there right now!

Oct 15, 2012

Super Extra Fierce Bunny Kick Attack!

It's Tiger Lily versus Peter Pan in the Battle of the Bunny Kicks!

On the bottom side, wearing the white pants (Wait, they're both wearing white pants!)... OK, wearing the dark tabby stripes, Tiger Lily seems to have the upper paw, connecting more silly bunny kicks than Peter Pan.

But as things get rolling and the clock starts winding down, Peter Pan (also wearing white pants, but with ginger fur) really comes out kicking!

Who do you think won?

P.S. Tomorrow is National Feral Cat Day! You know how much I love feral kitties (especially my parking lot kitties!). It's a day started by Alley Cat Allies to promote humane care for feral cats. This is something I feel so strongly about, because all cats should be treated kindly and fairly and not enough people think of feral cats that way.

Let's help spread the word! I'll post more tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone the heads' up so you can think of sharing, too!

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Oct 14, 2012

Ginger Kitten's Escape Attempt

A brave baby kitten tries to tackle the little wall that is holding him and his brothers in. It's a tough attempt for such a tiny thing, but he's not going to back down from a good challenge!

He gives it the first go, just to peek over. Then another shot at it, this time I thought for sure he was going to get over! And the a third try... He just doesn't give up!

Plus, it helps that he has him mom cheering him on at the top of the climb.

BONUS CUTE: Another tiny kitten's big escape attempt!

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