Oct 15, 2012

Super Extra Fierce Bunny Kick Attack!

It's Tiger Lily versus Peter Pan in the Battle of the Bunny Kicks!

On the bottom side, wearing the white pants (Wait, they're both wearing white pants!)... OK, wearing the dark tabby stripes, Tiger Lily seems to have the upper paw, connecting more silly bunny kicks than Peter Pan.

But as things get rolling and the clock starts winding down, Peter Pan (also wearing white pants, but with ginger fur) really comes out kicking!

Who do you think won?

P.S. Tomorrow is National Feral Cat Day! You know how much I love feral kitties (especially my parking lot kitties!). It's a day started by Alley Cat Allies to promote humane care for feral cats. This is something I feel so strongly about, because all cats should be treated kindly and fairly and not enough people think of feral cats that way.

Let's help spread the word! I'll post more tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone the heads' up so you can think of sharing, too!

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  1. ARG! Waaayy too cute!! I won't be needing sugar in my coffee this morning! Too sweet! :)

  2. Lol,in my family we call it the death kick! Have a good Monday everyone!

  3. Hah! I've never heard it called that before. Silly!

  4. I think kitties are very silly. Butting is the way to go

  5. Hahaha! The voice over was hilarious! I believe it was a tie! So cute!!!

  6. Now that was a good bunny kick battle. We vote for a tie.

  7. That is GREAT! Those two are really going at it!

  8. Very cute but I didn't like the loud kick noises in the soundtrack. The voices were funny but the kicks too loud so it detracted from the cute IMHO.


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