Jul 30, 2011

Gus vs. Pool

It's hot outside, so Gus the bulldog's mom got him a kiddie pool to cool off in the backyard. But it's really hot outside, and Gus would rather have an indoor pool.

So he makes it happen.

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Jul 29, 2011

Kitty vs. Blanket... a Very Large Blanket

Nero is a little bit of a klepto kitty. He likes to takes things when no one is looking... like ginormous pieces of fabric that are as big as queen-sized comforters and drag them all over the house.

In his mouth. And between his legs. All the way down the stairs. Did I mention this is easily the size of a queen-sized comforter?

Thanks to Cute's friend, Kathy, for sharing this cute klepto kitty video!

Jul 28, 2011

Popcorn Kittens!

Why popcorn kittens? Because these silly kitties are all bouncing and bopping around like popcorn popping!

The person caring for them was just trying to make them a larger space to play around in, and the kittens went crazy when they felt the blue tarp under their little feet for the first time.

Pop pop pop! Once you pop, you can't stop (watching the kittens, that is)!

BONUS CUTE: How about a hamster on a piano with a piece of popcorn?

Jul 27, 2011

Bird Won't Let Cat Sleep

I have no idea where this cat gets the patience to deal with this crazy birdie! All she wants to do is take a nap, but the cute dove is just chirping and squeaking and squawking all in her poor ear the whole time.

If I was that kitty, I'd have given that brazen bird the paw a long time ago!

Jul 26, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: What I Wake Up to Every Morning

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today I want to show you what I wake up to every morning. Pimp and Moo have their designated spots, and they move around exactly the same way every single night.

Pimp starts out on my left side, curled up right next to my stomach under my arm. Moo is a few feet further down the bed, snuggled and anchoring me to the bed by lying across my ankles.

As the night goes on, Pimp at some points moves to one of his three cat beds next to the bed. Yes, he has three. Moo uses them sometimes, but they're mostly Pimp's. He always has a leg or arm extended.


I always wake up to Moo right next to me, on the right side. I guess during the night he slowly makes his way up. He is always upside down.


How do your kitties sleep at night?

Jul 25, 2011

Cat Hugging a Bearded Dragon

It's not every day you see a cat loving and hugging a lizard. Usually they're out to get them, but Puppet and Puff are different. They love each other.

Puppet loves to snuggle with Puff the bearded dragon, and Puff really looks like he enjoys the cuddles! Both of them are comfy as can be, eyes closed, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

People could really learn from animals!

BONUS CUTE: Speaking of hugs... a hug is all this raccoon wants.

Thanks to Cute's cute kitty friend, Daisy the Curly Cat, for sharing this cute cat hugging a bearded dragon video!

Jul 24, 2011

That's MY Food!

Jasmine the cat is not one to patiently wait her turn to eat. She's also not one to share. And she's not going to ask politely if she can have some of her sister's food.

No, not Jasmine. She's just going to swipe the whole bowl.

BONUS CUTE: More nom thievery.
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