Jul 28, 2011

Popcorn Kittens!

Why popcorn kittens? Because these silly kitties are all bouncing and bopping around like popcorn popping!

The person caring for them was just trying to make them a larger space to play around in, and the kittens went crazy when they felt the blue tarp under their little feet for the first time.

Pop pop pop! Once you pop, you can't stop (watching the kittens, that is)!

BONUS CUTE: How about a hamster on a piano with a piece of popcorn?


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  2. Popcorn kittens is one of my favorites! Thanks for showing it again.

  3. The kittens are adorable. The music is annoying.

  4. Hysterical cute! And the music is awesome.

  5. You're welcome! All the cute videos need to be here!

  6. It's OK to mute and watch the kitties! They're just as cute when it's quiet. :)

  7. Imagine if that mat were a trampoline! No wonder kittens sleep almost all day long -- they wear themselves out during their waking hours. Great video. Thanks, Dorian.

  8. That could be the first time I ever heard the "Maple Leaf Rag" referred to as :annoying"..! :-O

  9. ...and then they all slept for ten hours...! ;-)
    Cute kitties and Scott Joplin music...what's not to like...?

  10. My fosters are about this age right now too and just so terribly cute!  And they learn so fast!

  11. If I had kittens like this around, I'd never get anything done!


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