Apr 3, 2010

Lions and Tigers and... Easter Eggs?

The cool folks at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa are at it again with another super cute video! (Remember them from the baby raccoon rescue back in February?)

This time they are celebrating Easter with the big cats on the ranch. They made each of them their very own paper mache egg and stuff it with catnip (I think it's catnip, anyway)... and the big kitties went wild!

Big cats like to have fun, too!

Apr 2, 2010

Quick Cutes: Yawning Cats

After a long work week, I'm usually pretty tired on Friday, so I can only imagine how tired our cats must be.

I mean, all that napping, eating, purring, playing, napping, napping... No wonder these kitties are yawning today!

Clearly, not a morning cat... (Photo by Samantha Decker.)

You haz a yawn or a complaint? (Photo by Andrew d'Entremont.)

Reaching for some late-night treats maybe? :) (Photo by Ms Kat.)

Puffed, fluffed and pooped. (Photo by Panhandle Becky.)

I don't think this lion's sleeping tonight! (Photo by amy-kimmel.)

Apr 1, 2010

The Wiggle Warrior!

Dear Cuteheads, I'm sorry to announce that after today, there will be no more Cute. I'm officially ending the search for all things furry, loveable, edible and cute due to lack of cuteness in the world lately.



Nah ah...

That can't be!

Oh noes!

What would we do without our daily dose of cute?!!


You knew that couldn't be true, right? There's WAY to much cuteness in the world. Cute lives on!!! Bring on the wiggle warrior...!

Mar 31, 2010

Whatever You Do, Don't Mess with Winston...

You don't want to get on Winston's bad side, that's for sure. He's fierce... he's menacing... he's fluffy? I guess that can be intimidating, right?

But not as intimidating as his hissy fits.

Mar 30, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Toys and Toesies!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, everyone! Today Moo wants to show you one of his fancy toys and Pimp wants to show you his toesies. We're all for "T" stuff today.

Moo got a Bolt laser toy a few months ago. He used to play with it a lot before we moved, but I pulled it out for the first time in our new house a couple days ago. I think maybe he forgot how to use it.

See that moving red dot on the wall, Moo? That's the laser you're supposed to play with, not the invisible spot you seem to have found...

Oh well. Moo is special -- I always knew that. :)

Pimp is special, too -- 'specially cute and handsome! I love close-up pictures and videos of him. He has the best expressions and the most telling eyes.

So I decided to say hi to him on camera. And he decided to clean his feet. What are you gonna do? Haha.

No doubt he has the cleanest lion-sized kitty toes I know!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Mar 29, 2010

Baby Kitten is All Ears!

Harriet is a little Devon Rex kitten who has some super-sized cuteness going on. Just look at her adorable ears! This is how I imagine my conversation with her going:

Cute: My, baby Harriet... What big ears you have...
Harriet: The better to hear you tell me how cute I am!

Gotcha. You are too cute!

How about some cute wiggly piggy ears next!

Mar 28, 2010

What Are You Laughing At?

This poor cat just can catch a break. First, he's complaining because there's a hole in his perch (clearly), and then when he goes to climb down... Well, geez... stop laughing at me!


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