Feb 26, 2010

Operation Save the Baby Raccoon!

This is one of the best good deeds I've seen in a long time -- and it was caught on film! The fabulous folks at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa spotted a baby raccoon up in a tree above one of the snow leopard areas.

I'd send out the rescue team just for that, but to make it even worse for the little guy, his head was stuck in a plastic peanut butter jar. Poor baby!

Operation Baby Raccoon Rescue is officially under way...

P.S. You can follow Big Cat Rescue on Twitter -- @BigCatRescue. They have the best videos of some of the most amazing animals. Enjoy!


  1. Oh I am so glad they saved that little raccoon. I will never forget when my three dogs chased a raccoon into the woods and the next I knew the raccoon was chasing all three dogs. They are mean little devils even though they are cute.

  2. Poor little critter, glad they saved the day!

  3. Those snow leopards looked BUMMED! That little raccoon was very lucky!

  4. Hooray! I found that sweet that the humans didn't just let the little guy get eaten. What big hearts they have! Sweet story. Nice ending.

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  6. Poor little guy! So glad he landed in an area where he could be helped.

    You know what would be even better? If idiots did not litter!


    (oh, and, webmaster?? the site needs to work on its feeds. I am on a high-speed connection, selected highest available for the video, and still it kept stopping and buffering every 10 seconds. makes it hard to watch.)

  7. Poor little guy -- glad he was rescued. Although I still don't want him dumping my trash.


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