Feb 22, 2010

So Many Cute Cats in Love!

If you ever need a little smile, a little cheering up or just a little awwww, save this page and come back to it... because these pictures of kitties in love are sure to make you smile. Cute guarantees it!

How about a cats in love video next?

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  1. Those are the best. We love the one with the kitties arm, leg around the other one. And we voted. Good luck on that.

  2. Oh, boy.

    I WAS having a bad morning, and this cured me.

    There is nothing sweeter than two cats in love.

  3. love the last one! i voted can we vote more than once!?

  4. Thanks for all the votes everyone! Much appreciated!

    Yes, you can vote more than once, but only once per category, per day. So come back tomorrow and do it again! Pretty please with KITTENS and PUPPIES on top... ;)

  5. We voted again!
    good luck
    such cute kitties

  6. Oh gees, these are adorable. Thanks for the smile.

  7. Mwaaa...so cute! What 'feel good' pictures!

    Ok - now I am off to vote ~ good luck!

  8. Mwah!! I have a little kitten who drools when she's deliriously happy, and she loves to give me face (that is, rub her face all over mine), so I get big wet kisses every day. And kitty-snot on my glasses, too.


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