Feb 23, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: We're Friends with OPRAH!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today we have some excitement and some news.

Excitement first:
Oprah is our new best friend! We received a package from The Oprah Store -- they sent Pimp and Moo each a fabulous polo with a fancy "O" embroidered on the collar. We're pretty sure Oprah packed the package herself. (We can think that, right?)

OMC! Look! Oprah sent us a package!

We didn't even know The Oprah Store had pet stuff (but I guess that makes sense since she loves animals)! That's a travel bowl in there with the two shirts.

Moo, being the diva that he is, wanted to model one of their new polos for you, of course. He loves to wear clothes for some reason. He wore his for over two hours and didn't even care! Pimp was excused from this fashion show -- you'll read why in the News at the end.

Green is Moo's color. He loves to wear bright colors that contrast his cow spots!

Check out that fancy O on his collar... and how Moo shows it off! He knows it's good.

You can also flip your Oprah polo's collar up, like all the cool cats do. Moo is a cool cat.

It is very important to play with toys that match your outfit, like any cat with good fashion sense. We're sure Daisy matches her toys to her clothes.

There's more cute pet stuff at http://oprahstore.oprah.com and the nice people over there were kind enough to give us a coupon code that gives Cute readers FREE SHIPPING with no minimum purchase! Just use the code CutieFur365 when you check out.

Now, on to the news:
Pimp has been a little under the weather the past few days. I've been keeping an eye on him and he hasn't been eating as much or going to the potty as much as normal, so last night I took him to the vet. (Or, to be more clear, I was so worried that I sped the whole way there -- he's my baby!)

Shhh... Pimp has to rest up and feel better soon!

Turns out he has two ulcers on his tongue, probably from a mild upper respiratory infection and a little bladder infection, too. Poor baby! His tongue has been hurting him. :( I feel so bad.

A couple shots and bag of medicine to take home later, and I think he's feeling a little better already. He devoured a can of food when we got home, which was AWESOME. Yay, Pimp!

He just needs to rest up and take his medicine like a good boy, and he'll be all better soon. He had me scared for a minute there... it's never good when one of your babies is sick!

UPDATE: Pimp is all better! This is an old post.


  1. Moo, you look INSANELY cute!!!

    We're both purring for Pimp - please feel better, that sounds really yucky (but do keep getting whole cans of food given to you!)

  2. *Hugs* for Pimp in hopes that he gets better soon!

    BZTAT and the Brew

  3. Pimp I hope u feeling better tomorrow..and as for the polo...MOL I want one

  4. OMC! Pimp and Moo you gots Oprah Shirts! Pawsome! Moo you looks very handsome in your polo!

    Pimp I is so sorry to hears you not feeling well, I sends you many Purrrrrrrrrrs for a speedy recovery *gentle nosetap*

  5. I love dat green shirt and the cat wearing it, how adorable! :)

  6. So glad Pimp is going to be OK. When our four legged friends can't tell us what is wrong ~ it's an extra worry!

    How lovely to receive Oprah Kitty Clothes! Lucky! And yes ~ green truly is Moo's color!

  7. Margaret in MichiganFebruary 23, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    Pimp, get well soon! You and Moo are super cool with your new clothes! You are ready for spring with the pretty green color, it brings out your eyes!! Coolest cats around! Love Margaret In Mich!

  8. Oh Pimp I hope you feel better soon. It is horrible to be sick. And Moo you look so handsome in your new Oprah polo. How fancy is that.
    And to top it all off, you have won the book draw over at Margs Animals.
    So I need your address.
    My email is
    margaretmsan@gmail.com if you want to send it there. Will mail it out tomorrow. Thanks for entering the drawing.

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words for Pimpy. He was a good boy and took his antibiotics this morning (he usually spits stuff like that right out, but he was good and swallowed all of it!). Tonight we get to do it again. Hopefully he's just as well-behaved!

    And Marg, YAY!!! I'm so excited we won! I can't wait to read it. Going to send you my address right now!

  10. That Oprah, she just gives and gives! I hope Pimp feels better soon.

  11. We're glad your feeling some better Pimp! Hey gang, y'all are looking fancy today!!!

  12. Woohoo, you've hit the big time!

    I'm glad Pimp's okay - maybe if he were wearing some Oprah gear he'd heal a little faster. :)

  13. Makes you crazy when the furbabies are sick, doesn't it? Glad he is getting better

  14. I had no idea the Oprah store had pet stuff! They should carry matching toys for their shirts and food bowls!

    I'm glad Pimp's problem is easily being taken care of. Am sending some healing purrs to help his tongue get better quicker!

  15. Ooooh, I am so sorry Pimp is not feeling well! I hope he gets better very soon!

  16. Pimp I hope you Up and Playing soon!! Moo You Do your thing on the "Cat Walk" You Sexy Kitty!!

  17. I'm sure Pimp will be wearing that horrible shirt in no time and voicing his displeasure loudly. Glad he's better.

    (Also, GREAT color on Moo!)

  18. oh my! You guys are super famous if OPRAH is sending you things! fun fun! Glad to hear Pimp is going to be OK. good thing he is so lucky and has such an attentive mommy! loved all the pics! esp the collar up!

  19. OH PIMP! I hope you feel better!!! I'll say a little prayer that you are back to normal soon. Be sure to drink a lot to get well. :)

  20. Oh, Pimpy. Paw circles for you to get better quickly. Moo is special in his O shirt. Luvs from Mac and Fuz.

  21. Oh no Pimp - we are so sad to hear you are sick! We are sending you lots and lots of healing purrs. And Kirzon said that if you have to take the nasty antibiotics that taste like bubblegum he can sympathize because he is on it right now too. His is a mouth thing so he thought it sounded like you might get the same stuff. Feel better quick!

    And Moo, well you just look so handsome in that shirt - it is totally you!

  22. We love your polos!! Pawsome!!

    But we hope Pimp is feeling better real soon!!

  23. Poor little Pimp! I hope he is feeling better.

  24. Big purrs to Pimp. Remember to take your medicine like a good kitty. That's what I do and I'm feeling lots better. *rubs around human's ankles*

  25. Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words and purrs for Pimpy! I know he's feeling a little better today, but he's still hiding under the bed mostly (probably sulking from me making him take his medicine).

    I'll keep everyone updated! Our biggest hurdle is going to be just getting him to take his antibiotics... He doesn't cooperate at all! Good thing I'm bigger than he is. ;)

  26. Moo in Oprah-wear = fashion icon!

    Hope Pimp is feeling mo betta mo soona.

  27. CrystalclearmassageMay 26, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    <3 the shirt and hope Pimp feels meow-valous very soon!!


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