Aug 13, 2011

Watch Out, It's a Puppy Stampede!

What we have here is six seconds of complete mayhem. In less time than it takes you to read what I've typed, you could already be trampled by a herd of stampeding corgi puppies.

Come to think of it, it wouldn't be such a bad way to go...

Aug 12, 2011

Cat Thinks Beagles Are Delicious

While I have been known to say that a cat or dog is so cute that "I could eat him up," it's not something I'd ever really try. Not even a little nom. (OK, maybe a teeny nibble, but it's a love bite! Sheesh.)

Anywhos, this cat thinks beagles are delicious. He is basically devouring his doggie brother with love bites. And how sweet is the adorable doggie for just being so patient and letting the kitty go to town. He must know he's cute enough to eat. No point in fighting it.

Aug 11, 2011

Cat vs. Toy Frog

Aztec the cat spies an intruder in his backyard. This green thing is just sitting there menacingly, daring him to come closer. Then when he finally does... ribbit!

Did that lawn ornament just make a noise? Is it real? It's croaking right at him, taunting him even more! And that frog doesn't even move or flinch when Aztec gives him the paw-thwap. The nerve!

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Aug 10, 2011

Kitten Helps Change a Flat Tire

One of my worst fears is getting a flat tire. I'm terrified of it happening when I'm driving on the highway.

But I don't know... if this cute kitten was there to help me change my tire if it happened, I might not be so scared after all! Kitties always want to help with everything, don't they?

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Aug 9, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp Purrs Really Loud

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Pimpy is kicking his motor into full gear for you. I am not sure how much horsepower he has in there, but I do know it's a lot.

We were sitting on the couch one day last week, snuggled and cuddled as usual, when he started rumbling. He purrs all the time, don't get me wrong, but this was extra tremorous.

So, of course, I grabbed my phone and started filming him. And what I got what some super extreme close-up of him (love close-ups!) and some purring action, all in the same video. Win!

Turn up your volume some. He really cranks it up around :27.

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Aug 8, 2011

The Ultimate Kitten Cage Fight!

OK, so maybe it's not actually a "cage," but a box, but these two spotted kittens duke it out in an intense wrestling match!

Watch as they climb the sides, jump on each other in acrobatic wrestling moves and take each other down in all kinds of fancy kitten holds. It's a claw-biter, folks!

Aug 7, 2011

Sleepy Sunday: Tiny Kitten Takes a Tiny Stretch

This is Mimi, a tiny kitten stretching her tiny paws and yawning with her tiny mouth. What a precious, perfect little thing!

The video says Mimi is six days old and was abandoned by her mother outside this nice woman's apartment. She brought her in and cared for her, and gave her lots of love, of course. Don't you just feel all restful and relaxing watching the sweetie?

BONUS CUTE: Here's someone petting a baby squirrel!
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