Jun 25, 2011

Kitten Box Attack

One innocent soda box. Four angelic kittens.

And by "angelic," I mean hyper, rambunctious, silly kittens just doing what any crazy bunch of kittens would do when they find a perfectly attackable Coke box.

And that's what makes it so fun to watch!

Thanks to Cute's friend Jennifer for sharing this cute kitten box attack video!

Jun 24, 2011

Piggies on Parade!

Single file now! All you guinea piggies, line up! One by one, follow the leader.

This herd of cute guinea pigs at the Chiba Zoological Park in Japan has a really cute trick they do. Someone rings a bell (which I guess is what they take as their cue to start), and they all start lining up, single-file in the cutest piggy parade!

I couldn't find much info, but it looks like these guinea pigs are part of the petting zoo there. There's a diagram below the video of the other animals in the children's area. It was too cute not to share, too!

Click to biggify!

Jun 23, 2011

Cat Gets Caught Barking... and Goes Back to Meowing

So, kitties. We've stumbled upon your little secret, and caught your red-pawed. You can BARK!

This barking cat showed us the truth. There he is, staring out the window just barking away at whatever is out there like any good watchdog should -- except he's a cat. And cats meow. So that's what he starts doing once he's caught.

Too late, silly barking cat. You're busted!

P.S. I know this one's been making the rounds, so some of you may have already seen it. If you have, enjoy it again! If not, it was just too silly not to earn a spot on the Cute. Have fun!

Jun 22, 2011

Lavender Litter? YES! World's Best Cat Litter Giveaway!

The litter box. It's something we all have, because we have to. Usually we tuck it away in a corner, far enough away from the living room that company will never know it's there.

But what if it actually smelled kind of good? Like lavender.

Oh, yes. It can! It's true! I have no idea why no one ever thought of this before, but the folks at World's Best Cat Litter (which Pimp and Moo have been using for a long time) came out with a lavender-scented version.

When they asked us if we wanted to try it, I'm not even sure if I took a breath before saying YES! Actually, I was probably more excited about cat litter than anyone should be. It's the little things, kitty people, right?

You guys can get to try it, too! Scroll down for how to enter the contest!

Anywhos, this litter actually smells good! I kind of mixed it in slowly over a week into the regular litter so that Pimp and Moo could ease their way into it. Cats are finicky, you know, so a change in smell might not have been as exciting for them all at once.

But as it turns out, no problems switching over at all! And now the bathroom where their little boxes are always kind of smells a little lavendery (to be fair, when it smells like poop, it still smells like poop, but the lavender scent does kind of waft into the air when they dig around to cover it).

I don't know what Moo is doing here, but I think he's meowing and licking his chops, too. Lavender is yummy!

So, basically, I love it. World's Best Cat Litter is all natural, so that's great. And the lavender is just a touch of lavender oil added, so that's natural, too. Still safe for the kitties!

Want to win some to try? Here's how!

Us humans like the smell of lavender, but what are you kitty's favorite smells? Pimp loves the smell of cooking chicken. Whenever I'm cooking, he plops in front of the stove and just rolls around in sheer bliss sniffing in the smell of it.

So to win a bag of the new Lavender World's Best Litter, leave a comment and tell me what your kitty's favorite smell is. Tuna? Fancy Feast? Catnip (is this one a given)?

Every comment is an entry to win! All entries must be received by midnight EST, Tuesday, June 28.

Just to be fair, I gotta tell you that World's Best did give us a few bags to try for free, but they aren't paying us or anything. All of this up there is me, Pimp and Moo's honest opinion of it. Good luck!

Jun 21, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Someone Feels Like Poop

Hey, you guys... Look up here. At me. I gotta tell you something.

WHOA now. Back up a little! Sheesh. Not that close!

OK, much better. Whew. OK, listen. Shhh... We have to whisper... I gotta tell you something.

You guys, Mom feels like poop. That's what she says anyway. I know that can't be good because I know what poop feels like because I have accidentally stepped in it before in the litter box after I put it there.

Poop doesn't feel good.

I may or may not have dragged it a little bit outside of the litter box on my paws, but I'm not confessing here because this is not about me today. This is about Mom.

She feels like poop.

She has been sick for a whole week already and she keeps calling it the Cold From Hell, but I think she doesn't know what she's talking about because everyone knows it's not cold down there.

Anyway, me and Pimp are just kind of doing a lot of snuggling with her and keeping her company. She is a good mom even when she's sick and we still get treats and stuff, so we make sure we take care of her, too.

We're all doing our best to sleep her cold off.

P.S. She wanted us to tell you to make sure to come back tomorrow because we have a GIVEAWAY that all the cats will love. So, come back tomorrow. We're going to keep trying to help mom get better.

Jun 20, 2011

DJ Cat Scratches Some Tunes

Dilla the cat is the next big up and coming DJ! See how she uses her turntable skills to make this Billie Holiday album all modern and stuff? Just the right amount of claw and paw to make the music right.

A little scratch here... A little slow down there... Dilla knows her stuff!

Jun 19, 2011

Kitten in a Hamster Ball

Kittens do the darnedest things, don't they? Take this silly ginger kitty, for instance, who decided that it would be really fun to get in a hamster ball and roll around.

And now, because of this video, I think all kittens should have hamster balls!

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