Jun 20, 2011

DJ Cat Scratches Some Tunes

Dilla the cat is the next big up and coming DJ! See how she uses her turntable skills to make this Billie Holiday album all modern and stuff? Just the right amount of claw and paw to make the music right.

A little scratch here... A little slow down there... Dilla knows her stuff!


  1. Well that is one way to file your nails. Big goat soap drawing going on at your blog today. 

  2. that's one patient cat mommy/daddy! there goes the album! 

  3. The publicist could not help thinking that the poor record was being ruined.

  4. I'm with Pricilla--my first reaction was "Oh! The record!"--but that is because I'm old and remember using and treasuring record albums. :)

    But, it is pretty hilarious to see that kitty doing the DJ thing! 

  5. I was waiting for her to find the 45 rpm switch to speed it up


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