Jun 23, 2011

Cat Gets Caught Barking... and Goes Back to Meowing

So, kitties. We've stumbled upon your little secret, and caught your red-pawed. You can BARK!

This barking cat showed us the truth. There he is, staring out the window just barking away at whatever is out there like any good watchdog should -- except he's a cat. And cats meow. So that's what he starts doing once he's caught.

Too late, silly barking cat. You're busted!

P.S. I know this one's been making the rounds, so some of you may have already seen it. If you have, enjoy it again! If not, it was just too silly not to earn a spot on the Cute. Have fun!


  1. WOOF... WOOF.... uh, I mean... RUMBLE...RUMBLE....

  2. That was amazing. I am sorry but I can't believe that the cat was really barking and not a dog somewhere close. But great video.

  3. My cats go bonkers every time I view one of your videos that have cats making any sound at all.  This one caused two of them to start looking for that other cat.


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