Sep 21, 2013

Transport Day: 5 "Big Bang" Kittens (Please Help Us Sponsor Them!) #5nuggets

It's transport day again! The most wonderful kind of day! Today we have five adorable little nuggets heading up to Springfield, Illinois from South Florida -- all saved from animal control!

These too-cute-for-words five kittens are all named after Big Bang Theory characters. They are heading up to Forever Home Feline Ranch where they will find their forever homes. Thank you to the Ranch for helping us save them! Without their agreeing to help, these babies probably wouldn't be with us anymore. Yay for rescue!

Let's meet them, shall we? (We need a little help funding these babies, so please scroll to the bottom if you can chip in for the fundraiser.)

The 5-Piece Nuggets, as we've been calling them, were originally six. Unfortunately one of the siblings didn't make it, but the other five are perfect, adorable, healthy, well-mannered, super sweet and just going to make the best family members for some lucky adopters!

They slept at my house last night, since I'm the first driver of the transport this morning. We had an absolute blast! Kittens are so silly.

Moo greeting our sleepover guests!
Moo greeted them when they arrived at our house. He was not the most welcoming host though... he actually hissed a little. Come on, Moo.

Sweet baby with the hippo I gave them. They love it!
This little girl will melt you with her eyes.

Here is one of them on my lap last night!

Two of the babies at foster Cory L.'s house as I was picking them up!
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These babies are the last of a bunch of kittens we've had scheduled for transports -- three transport weekends in a row! And now that they are all safe, it's time to square up with our vet.

We can do these transports only thanks to donations, and thanks to our rescue partners (especially our partner here, Good Karma Pet Rescue!) who make sure all the kitties are vetted, vaccinated, tested, speutered and each is required to get a health certificate to travel. We do get great rescue rates, but when you are saving so many kitties, it does add up!

We want to keep saving kitties, but we need some help. I've set up a donation page to help with the costs for all these babies that have gone. It is not all that we have spent, but it's definitely a help. Anything we raise above this will go to saving and vetting future transport kitties (and there WILL be more!).

The estimated breakdown of some of our costs (these costs are approximate, and probably low):
Speutering - $35 if we go to our low-cost place
Vaccinating/vet visits - estimate $20 per kitty
Testing - $15 per kitty
Health certificate per kitty - $15
Supplies per transport - $40 to $50

So far this year we have transported 186 kitties! Imagine how much we've spent. But it's all way worth it, of course!

So if you can spare a few dollars, we'd definitely appreciate it. The money we raise will go to Good Karma and Forever Home Feline Ranch. If not, please share so your friends might -- and just to spread the word about our transports! And no matter what, let's cheer these 5 nuggets on as they head on their journey home!


Help Future Transports!
Want to help transport rescue kitties in the future? Sign up to be one of our volunteer drivers by filling out this form so we can contact you if a cat needs to go through your area! The more drivers we have, the more cats we can help! Thank you all!

Tremendous Thank You!
Huge thanks to all our Cutehead drivers! YOU all make this possible. Lisa B., Julie M., Dana K., Kim C., Tia R., Elena P., Marsha C., Christy B. and Brenda B.! And super huge thanks to Cutehead Pam B. for hosting the sleepover Saturday night and driving also!

Enormous thanks to our fosters: Christy E. and Cory L.!

Thanks to our partner in rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue, for making sure all the kitties are ready to go and vetted. Big thanks to our amazing and kind vet, Dr. Simon at Dr. Simon's Pet Clinic.

And the biggest thanks of all to Forever Home Feline Ranch for taking these nuggets in and making it so we can all work together to save their lives!

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Sep 20, 2013

Eating Cats Saying Om Nom Nom Compilation!

Sometimes food is just so delicious that you have to om nom nom talk your way through every bite. Mmmmmmmm!

I have my doubts about one of these, but otherwise I'm pretty sure the rest are real for sure! Can you spot the one I think is a fake? (And how cute are the two plates of kitties?!)

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Sep 19, 2013

Elephant and Dog Are Best Friends Who Love Playing in the Water!

Bubbles and Bella are the best of friends, and their favorite thing to do is splish-splash and play in the water together! Bella climbs on top of Bubbles and just launches herself off like a diving board. Tons of fun!

Bubbles was taken in by Myrtle Beach Safari after her parents were killed by ivory poachers. She was lucky and survived, and even luckier to have gotten to become friends with Bella!

Bella was abandoned on the property as a puppy by the contractor who they hired to build Bubbles a big pool. It must have been fate that they both love the water so much! Now they're just about inseparable.

Thanks to Cute's fab friend, Tamar, of I Have Cat for sending over this cute find!

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Sep 18, 2013

Momma Cat Teaches Kitten How to Drink Water

There is a big bowl of water, but getting the hang of it isn't as easy as you'd think, apparently. In fact, at first chin dip it seems like it can be quite confusing for a kitten!

Why is my face wet? Should I lick it off my face? Should I go in for more? Clean up before dunking again?

Good thing momma is there to set a good example!

NOTE FROM CUTE: We have another transport going up this weekend and we need a couple legs covered still. Can any of you help, please? It's just two carriers with five adorable kittens in them total!

Lake City, FL to Ashburn, GA - afternoon
Ashburn, GA to Atlanta, GA - midafternoon

SUNDAY, 9/22
Metropolis, IL to St. Louis, MO - midafternoon

If you can help, please fill out our volunteer driver form here. Thank you! If not, please share in case your friends can!

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Sep 17, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo and His Not-Box... THE MOVIE!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today is the day you've all been waiting for. I caught Moo playing with his not-box on video!

You've seen him sitting in it, on it and under it -- but never with it... until now!

He's such a silly, silly boy. Moo just cracks me up!

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Sep 16, 2013

Crazy Crab-Walking Kitten!

Happy Monday, everyone! Just a little cute video to start your week off the silly way today!

Sixteen seconds of a crazy crab-walking kittens! Why walk straight, when you can hop sideways?

P.S. All the kitties made it to their new homes safe from the #7catcaravan last night! I posted lots of pictures along the way on Your Daily Cute and the Cute Tranport Network's Facebook page.

Here is Batgirl and her new mom, Meredith!

Batgirl is in there... She's just black and in the shadow. Cutie!
Another successful transport! Yay!

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