Sep 16, 2013

Crazy Crab-Walking Kitten!

Happy Monday, everyone! Just a little cute video to start your week off the silly way today!

Sixteen seconds of a crazy crab-walking kittens! Why walk straight, when you can hop sideways?

P.S. All the kitties made it to their new homes safe from the #7catcaravan last night! I posted lots of pictures along the way on Your Daily Cute and the Cute Tranport Network's Facebook page.

Here is Batgirl and her new mom, Meredith!

Batgirl is in there... She's just black and in the shadow. Cutie!
Another successful transport! Yay!

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  1. congrats on helping the kitties. I love crab walk too. My niece calls it "side steppin"!!

  2. I love to see kittens "crab walk" cute. It's wonderful the transport has been successful....bless everyone for everything they do!!!!

  3. I Love when Andre does this but I can't ever catch it on video. So funny!

    Yay for a safe, successful transport.

  4. My boys never did that. I have never seen crab walking, so funny.

  5. Crab-walking is very funny to watch. I used to call it Kung Fu fighting when there were a couple of them playing. Happy to know all kitties are safe in new homes and Batgirl is safe and happy with Meredith

  6. So happy when kitties get new homes! And that goofy crab walk? I love it: boink, boink, boink, boink!!! We always call it "Halloween Cat". And when they are tiny and bounce, bounce, bounce and spin, that's "The Piglet Dance!"

  7. I love when kittens do this!


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