Sep 19, 2013

Elephant and Dog Are Best Friends Who Love Playing in the Water!

Bubbles and Bella are the best of friends, and their favorite thing to do is splish-splash and play in the water together! Bella climbs on top of Bubbles and just launches herself off like a diving board. Tons of fun!

Bubbles was taken in by Myrtle Beach Safari after her parents were killed by ivory poachers. She was lucky and survived, and even luckier to have gotten to become friends with Bella!

Bella was abandoned on the property as a puppy by the contractor who they hired to build Bubbles a big pool. It must have been fate that they both love the water so much! Now they're just about inseparable.

Thanks to Cute's fab friend, Tamar, of I Have Cat for sending over this cute find!

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  1. Ohhhh what fun!!! Love this!!!!

  2. Loved this!!!! So nice they have each other!! <3

  3. there is love everywere if you just let it happen.

  4. love love love this story and video!

  5. We can learn from animals.

  6. *Soo Sweet ~ Animals are the sweetest! ♥*


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