Feb 23, 2013

Elderly Arthritic Sea Otter Slam Dunks a Basketball

At 16 years old, Eddie the sea otter is a regular Michael Jordan! He has mastered the art of slam-dunking a basketball like a pro, but his skills are for more than just fun.

When the folks at the Oregon Zoo found out that Eddie had some arthritis in his elbows, they had to figure out a way to keep him moving his joints so they stay loose like the doctor ordered. So they came up with the idea to make a game out of it, and Eddie is more than happy to play along!

He's a pretty good shot and usually makes it in the basket, but when he doesn't... he won't quit until he does!

P.S. We have two more cat transports coming up! Can you believe how amazing this is becoming? I am going to lose count of how many kitties we help save!

Take a look at the two routes below, and if you live along one and think you might be able to help, please fill out this form so I can contact you. Thank you, everyone! We couldn't do this without everyone's generous help!

Fort Lauderdale, FL to South Kingston, RI - tentatively March 9-10

Fort Lauderdale, FL to Springfield, IL and Bay City, MI - tentatively March 16-17

If you might be able to help drive some kitties, please fill out our transport form!

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Feb 22, 2013

Cat Creeps Up the Stairs

Of course it's the Jaws music playing in the background of this video. What else would it be?

Things I love about this video:

--The clumps of cat hair on the carpet (this is a real cat house!).
--The "fierceness" of the kitty when he finally makes it up the stairs and to whatever it is he's stalking.
--The cute cat. (Of course!)

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Feb 21, 2013

Cat Uses Lightning Kick to Knock on Door

Why knock once when you can knock 15-20 times rapid-fire... with your back paw? Doesn't this cat remind you of Thumper? What a super fast kicking knock!

Thank goodness someone finally opened the door! They probably recognized the Foot of Fury when they heard it.

P.S. Sherlock, Dallas and Watson (we named the other two!) are finishing up their transport today and will be safe and sound in Baltimore tonight!

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Feb 20, 2013

Kittens on the Beat: What Actually Happens When a Sock Goes Missing (And Sherlock's Transport Day!)

Missing socks. Everyone has had this happen to them, but I bet you never actually knew how that sock got lost.

If you thought it might have been a cat that scrambled away with it thinking it was a toy and hid it somewhere, you better think again. Turns out the cats are actually trying to protect your socks from evil sock thieves!

This thrilling video exposes the real missing sock threat -- and the real heroes!

P.S. Today is another transport day!
This one came up as a last-minute request, and I'm so happy we Cuteheads were able to help! (We may be helping even more, but we're still working out details. I should know early this morning!)

Sherlock is a ginger cat who was on his last day at a shelter in Dallas, NC. A woman in Baltimore, MD offered to foster him to save him, but had no way of getting him to her -- 8 hours away!

So a friend of Cute, Ronda D., alerted me and asked if we could help. I took one look at our list of transport volunteers and said yes! And within a few hours, we had four Cuteheads lined up and ready to get Sherlock home!

Right now, Sherlock is safe and sound at Cutehead Debbie H.'s house (she is fostering and driving!) and he heads out at 10 a.m. for his road trip. He'll be going through Durham, South Hill, Richmond and finally up to Baltimore! I am constantly amazed and grateful at how many wonderful people we have here willing to help save and drive cats!

I'll be sharing pictures of his journey, as usual, on the Cute's Facebook page and tweeting as @YourDailyCute using the hashtag #SherlockTransport! Follow along and cheer him on!

And here's the even more exciting part... We got a super-extra last minute request to add two more cats to this transport! If we can work out one more leg (argh, so close!), then these two will be going to. I'll update as soon as I know!


Thank you to Cuteheads Debbie H., Luke P., Robyn H. (of @GeorgeTheDuck!) and Linda M. for getting these kitties to their foster moms, Rebecca K. and Lynn B. today!

Want to help drive kitties in the future (the more people on the list, the more amazing things we can make happen!), please fill out our form: http://bit.ly/cutetransport!

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Feb 19, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo and His New BFF... My BF!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today we have two cool cats on the blog... but only one of them is actually a kitty cat.

Moo is a momma's boy. Everyone knows that. He hides and is very, very shy around people he doesn't know or isn't sure of.

But you know what? He LOVES my boyfriend, Mike! (This is a good sign! Kitties are good judges of character, right?) It took him a while to warm up to him (it took both of them a while, actually), but they are are BFF and they love each other!

Two of my favorite boys. Not pictured: Pimp.

Aren't they both cute?

Want to know what I meant about it taking them a while? Read my Catster post from last week: He's Into You, He's Just Not Into Cats? We Can Fix That! It might be a personal story. ;)

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Feb 18, 2013

Kittens Play in Soda Box Fort!

Kittens love boxes, but put a few boxes together creatively and you have way more than just a box... You have a fort!

And if your fort is made of soda boxes, it's not just a fort... It's a maze of tunnels! And that's about as much as any kitten could ever hope for when it comes to a playground. I bet they could play here for hours.

NOTE FROM CUTE: We have another transport coming up! This one came to us as kind of an emergency, so of course Cuteheads were willing to help out! We'll be helping a kitty named Sherlock from Dallas, NC to Baltimore, MD on Wednesday! I'll post his story on Wednesday, but here's his cute picture!

Sherlock says thank you for saving my life!

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Feb 17, 2013

Cat vs. DVD Drive

I have no idea what this DVD drive did to deserve this kind of thwapping, but at least it does appear to be getting the point and retreating when kitty wants it to.

How dare it eject like that?! Go back in, DVD drive! *thwap smack slap!*

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