Feb 20, 2013

Kittens on the Beat: What Actually Happens When a Sock Goes Missing (And Sherlock's Transport Day!)

Missing socks. Everyone has had this happen to them, but I bet you never actually knew how that sock got lost.

If you thought it might have been a cat that scrambled away with it thinking it was a toy and hid it somewhere, you better think again. Turns out the cats are actually trying to protect your socks from evil sock thieves!

This thrilling video exposes the real missing sock threat -- and the real heroes!

P.S. Today is another transport day!
This one came up as a last-minute request, and I'm so happy we Cuteheads were able to help! (We may be helping even more, but we're still working out details. I should know early this morning!)

Sherlock is a ginger cat who was on his last day at a shelter in Dallas, NC. A woman in Baltimore, MD offered to foster him to save him, but had no way of getting him to her -- 8 hours away!

So a friend of Cute, Ronda D., alerted me and asked if we could help. I took one look at our list of transport volunteers and said yes! And within a few hours, we had four Cuteheads lined up and ready to get Sherlock home!

Right now, Sherlock is safe and sound at Cutehead Debbie H.'s house (she is fostering and driving!) and he heads out at 10 a.m. for his road trip. He'll be going through Durham, South Hill, Richmond and finally up to Baltimore! I am constantly amazed and grateful at how many wonderful people we have here willing to help save and drive cats!

I'll be sharing pictures of his journey, as usual, on the Cute's Facebook page and tweeting as @YourDailyCute using the hashtag #SherlockTransport! Follow along and cheer him on!

And here's the even more exciting part... We got a super-extra last minute request to add two more cats to this transport! If we can work out one more leg (argh, so close!), then these two will be going to. I'll update as soon as I know!


Thank you to Cuteheads Debbie H., Luke P., Robyn H. (of @GeorgeTheDuck!) and Linda M. for getting these kitties to their foster moms, Rebecca K. and Lynn B. today!

Want to help drive kitties in the future (the more people on the list, the more amazing things we can make happen!), please fill out our form: http://bit.ly/cutetransport!

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  1. That's one of the best cat videos, ever!
    Kitties to the rescue. One sock always gets away, but that's life.
    Silly humans will see the aftermath and blame the hero cats for the mess.
    Ignorance is bliss, eh?

    Looking forward to cat transport details. That's normally just a weekend pleasure. The more kitties, the merrier.

  2. The cat video was fun to watch!! How wonderful that Sherlock and two other kitties are now safe. Looking forward to seeing pics of the trip with the kitties. Safe driving everyone. God bless you all!!!

  3. So happy to hear 3 more rescued... thanks to ALL who helped and Dorian who spearheads these transports. Bless you all ♥

  4. ALL your cat transporters are the most wonderful people!!!
    May all their journies be safe and God bless them!

  5. So thats why my hubby's socks are pulled out and strewn all over the floor every day. Its not because the cats are pulling them out so that there is room for them in the drawer. LOL

    Great about the 3 new rescues!

  6. Really well done and entertaining! The faces on those cuties are so darling, and look how proud they are after they chased the intruders away! I Love it!

  7. Thank you cat transporters for saving 3 more lives, you are incredible. Cute video too.

  8. Great video and animation. Love the looks on the babies faces, and then to curl up in socks 'n stuff.....fun stuff. On the more serious note, fabulous rescues and transports for Sherlock and now 2 more babies. You are doing fantastic stuff Dorian - next thing I guess Mike will be pitching in. LOL

  9. I will be fostering Sherlock up in Baltimore and I couldn't have gotten him up here without Dorian's help. I have honestly been amazed and humbled by the glorious teamwork and selfless good deeds by so many who have helped to make this happen. This seriously renews my faith in humanity. CAN'T WAIT TO MEET SHERLOCK!!! :)

  10. I love love love this video!!!!! That explains why cats get crazy at night and run around the house also!!!!


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