Feb 21, 2013

Cat Uses Lightning Kick to Knock on Door

Why knock once when you can knock 15-20 times rapid-fire... with your back paw? Doesn't this cat remind you of Thumper? What a super fast kicking knock!

Thank goodness someone finally opened the door! They probably recognized the Foot of Fury when they heard it.

P.S. Sherlock, Dallas and Watson (we named the other two!) are finishing up their transport today and will be safe and sound in Baltimore tonight!

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  1. Good heavens, someone open that door, Fast!!!

    Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

  2. That baby certainly has a great 'thumper' attack! Have never seen one kick so fast.

  3. "Foot of Fury"! that is too funny. I love how the other cat just walks around waiting. Love this!

  4. Kitty was starting to get really annoyed! LOL

  5. They want in there!!! So funny! Smart cat. His friends were relying on him. My cats hate closed doors too.

  6. WOW! What an annoying sound! I bet the humans were glad when they figured out the cause of THAT racket!


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