Oct 24, 2009

Kissing Praire Dogs

If this isn't love, then I don't know what love is. :)

These cute kissing prairie dogs are smooching it up for the camera. Enjoy and happy weekend, everyone!

More kissing cuties, please.

Oct 23, 2009

Ladder Kitty Ain't Afraid of No Heights!

I could be wrong, but has anyone ever heard of a kitty actually doing something the hard way? I always thought cats looked for the easy way out, being lazy and, say, waiting for their human to do it for them.

This kitty defies the Kitty Law of Laziness. 1) He uses the ladder instead of stairs (there must be stairs to get up, right?) and 2.) He gets down a totally different way (still not the stairs).

I lost my copy of the Kitty Constitution, but I'm sure this kitty is breaking more than a few rules... ;)

Special Pet Halloween Stuff Discount for Cute Readers!

Hey Cuteheads! I'm really excited about this...

Just in time for Halloween, I got Cute readers a special discount at SuppliesJust4Pets.com -- we get 15% off all Halloween pet costumes, toys and goodies!

There are some really cute toys and stuff on there -- check it out! (That's Cute's friend, @BabyPatches, over there. She's the spokescat for the store, if you didn't already know.)

Plus, I'm told that if you order by October 28th, you'll get your stuff for sure by Halloween. (I don't know about you, but I'm always a last-minute person, so this is great!)

To get the discount, just use the code HOWL at the checkout page. Any Halloween stuff in your cart will be automatically discounted!

Awesome, huh? I just ordered a few things today and can't wait to get them! This is what I got Pimp and Moo -- they have NIP!

Cute stuff, right! There's plenty of doggie Halloween stuff, too. Have fun, and I'm glad I could give my readers a little something special. Enjoy!

Oct 22, 2009

Island Pug Dance

Note from Cute: If you all came here looking for the head-dancing birdie, he's not here anymore. Here's another dancing birdie if you want though!)

This perro (that's dog in Spanish!) has some serious island flair with his dancing skills. Perhaps he knows the merengue dancing dogs?

Sit Happens

Um, doggie, if you're wondering why that spot is so comfy... it's because there's a giant floofy cat pillow under your butt!

funny pictures of cats with captions

Oct 21, 2009

High-Flying Fun with Da Bird!

I'm sure many of you cool cats have heard of Da Bird... it's one of the most fun kitty toys out there! Moo LOVES his (although I'm pretty sure it's because it's on a string, and he loves anything on a string).

Some kitties simply swat at Da Bird, but Asia from Pet Meadow... Asia has her bird batting technique down. The secret is flying higher than it apparently. Watch and learn.

More cat-flipping fun, please.

*Big thanks to Asia's mom for sending this awesome Da Bird video in!

Oct 19, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo's New Spot!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads!

This has been an exciting week over here because Moo got a new spot. No, not another cow spot, you sillies, he got a new favorite hang-out spot!

You see, since I know how much Moo loves boxes, I knew he'd love this -- his very own Kitty Cube! (I also knew he wouldn't care that in it was pink and yellow and kinda girly looking...)

Of course, I really got it for both Pimp and Moo, but I know Pimp, and I knew he'd have nothing to do with with it -- it was bought, and he only likes things that are sitting next to whatever I spent a lot of money on. ;)

Moo made himself right at home. Hopefully these wrinkles come out after it sits for a while...

This is the pretty pink side (I like pink, and it's in my house, so pink it is! Hmph.) Doesn't he look like he's piloting the thing?

Just look at Moo's little face. Every time I look at him I melt.

Cuteheads, you all have no idea how much Moo love his new cube. Once I put it out, he got RIGHT in and stayed there for over an hour! And since then, he's been in it more than he's been anywhere else around here.

So now I have this loud pink thing in the middle of my living room... The things we do for our kitties, huh?

Here's a bonus video of Moo getting all comfy in there:

Extra SUPER bonus video: Both Pimp and Moo checking it out for the first time!

When a Cat Betrays His Girlfriend...

...it's just as bad as when humans do it, apparently. Oh man, this pretty orange tabby is pissed, people. I wouldn't want to be that other kitty.

More kitty fight, please.

Oct 18, 2009

Rescue Bunnies Doing Tricks

I love this fun bunny trick video for a couple reasons: First, they're all rescue bunnies (yay for rescues!), and second, these cute bunnies really are super talented.

Don't miss the basketball one... I think it's my favorite -- he's so excited to do it!

Another cute bunny trick: he walks on two legs!

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