Oct 23, 2009

Ladder Kitty Ain't Afraid of No Heights!

I could be wrong, but has anyone ever heard of a kitty actually doing something the hard way? I always thought cats looked for the easy way out, being lazy and, say, waiting for their human to do it for them.

This kitty defies the Kitty Law of Laziness. 1) He uses the ladder instead of stairs (there must be stairs to get up, right?) and 2.) He gets down a totally different way (still not the stairs).

I lost my copy of the Kitty Constitution, but I'm sure this kitty is breaking more than a few rules... ;)


  1. What a smart kitty. He just went up the ladder because he was curious as to what was at the top. I have seen my cats come down something that steep. But I don't have a video camera, darn it all.

  2. It's amazing because the ladder is completely vertical!

  3. OMC! Dat kitty knows how to climb! And to get down too dat is amazing! MOL

  4. Maybe he was playing the stairs are lava


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