Oct 19, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo's New Spot!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads!

This has been an exciting week over here because Moo got a new spot. No, not another cow spot, you sillies, he got a new favorite hang-out spot!

You see, since I know how much Moo loves boxes, I knew he'd love this -- his very own Kitty Cube! (I also knew he wouldn't care that in it was pink and yellow and kinda girly looking...)

Of course, I really got it for both Pimp and Moo, but I know Pimp, and I knew he'd have nothing to do with with it -- it was bought, and he only likes things that are sitting next to whatever I spent a lot of money on. ;)

Moo made himself right at home. Hopefully these wrinkles come out after it sits for a while...

This is the pretty pink side (I like pink, and it's in my house, so pink it is! Hmph.) Doesn't he look like he's piloting the thing?

Just look at Moo's little face. Every time I look at him I melt.

Cuteheads, you all have no idea how much Moo love his new cube. Once I put it out, he got RIGHT in and stayed there for over an hour! And since then, he's been in it more than he's been anywhere else around here.

So now I have this loud pink thing in the middle of my living room... The things we do for our kitties, huh?

Here's a bonus video of Moo getting all comfy in there:

Extra SUPER bonus video: Both Pimp and Moo checking it out for the first time!


  1. Moo is just the cutest! It's obvious he loves his new cube and that video is so cute - especially the contented yawn!

  2. Ohhhh... you were right, mummy things Moo is SO CUTE!!!

  3. That is a great cube. Our staff needs to get us one of those. Except we would need a whole bunch of them. Guess we could share. And Moo is the cutest.

  4. Oh wow! That is such a pawsome and roomy kitty cube!

  5. Moo looks so cute in the new cube! At our house we have the giant pirate ship still in the middle of the family room because Harley loves it so.

  6. Wot a pawsome hidey spot that makes. If'n I was a kitteh I would wants one.

  7. BeadedTail, it's the best $10 I ever spent on him!

    Flufflebum & Rumblepurr, I told you so! ;)

    Marg, I bet a whole bunch could cram in there at once for a cuddle pile...

    Creek Cats, thanks! Moo thinks so, too!

    Daisy, I love your pirate ship! It looks HUGE.

    Shawnee, maybe they make doggie ones?!

    Annabelle, he really does! Now I just have to get used to liking that thing in my living room... heh.

  8. Hi Moo and Pimp!

    Your new cube looks like a lot of fun, for a cat anyway.

  9. Too cute! Too cute! Love the videos! *woof*

  10. I, too, have kept a huge box in our family room to entertain the cats for the winter. Yeah, what a PAIN! But it kept them out of trouble for a few months. Love the tent idea--at least you can fold it up when company comes over!

  11. Pricilla, I bet they do. If not, get on it -- you'd make millions! (Well, maybe 10's? Heh.)

    sadermaxx, you never know... Doggies might like them too!

    LouPeb, thanks! A double "Too cute!" -- we're so lucky.

    Lin, you did notice the cardboard box on the floor in the background of the second video, right? Heh. This is an ADDITION, not a replacement. Poor living room. :)

  12. I love this kitty cube, the colour and everything! It looks really cosy inside there.. meow! :)

  13. Hi, thanks for stopping by and visiting! You sure have a "cute" blog! I'm not much for cats, you know being a doxie and all, but yours looks sweet.

  14. That looks like a really fun cube...Moo seems to love it! A good place to hide from Pimp, maybe? ;)

    purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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