Oct 19, 2009

When a Cat Betrays His Girlfriend...

...it's just as bad as when humans do it, apparently. Oh man, this pretty orange tabby is pissed, people. I wouldn't want to be that other kitty.

More kitty fight, please.


  1. Uh oh... maybe there is a lesson I could learn from this... NAHHH!!


  2. Oh dear, I hope they did't really fight. He sure had a lot to say. Pretty cute.

  3. Don't mess with that gal!! She means business!

  4. That's hysterical! That poor black kitty was frozen stiff with fright!

  5. This is truely hilarious! I was told cats are capable of such sounds but I never heard that before! My boys went all nuts when I played it aloud here :D

  6. Heh heh heh.
    They are some funny noises.

  7. Rumblepurr, you have something you'd like to share? ;)

    Marg, I doubt it. Looks like it was pretty one-sided if you ask me...

    The Creek Cats, you ain't kiddin'!

    Daisy, me too! I wouldn't want to be that guy...

    Nancy, thanks! I think the subtitles were what made it the best. Great narrating!

    beansprout, it kind of was, wasn't it? Creepy... but cute!

    Chaoskater, luckily I've never heard sounds like that before either!

    Dennis, come back! :)

    Pricilla, I'm sure they weren't so funny to that poor guy. ;)

  8. Bwahahahahaha. That was cute as heck. Great job.

    I say that cat is much better off without her. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  9. OMC! I didn't gets to comment on dis yet! I wouldn't want to mess around wif dat mancat...Never MOL


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