Oct 18, 2009

Rescue Bunnies Doing Tricks

I love this fun bunny trick video for a couple reasons: First, they're all rescue bunnies (yay for rescues!), and second, these cute bunnies really are super talented.

Don't miss the basketball one... I think it's my favorite -- he's so excited to do it!

Another cute bunny trick: he walks on two legs!


  1. That is really great. That gal did super job. What good bunnies. I liked the hurdles the best.

  2. The white bunny is adorable, I love the bunny home too so cute! :)

  3. Gees, that looks like a dog at the end! Can she train them not to poop so much????

  4. Marg, I liked the hurdles too! I had no idea bunnies could learn so well.

    Mariuca, happy Sunday to you, too! Thanks for stopping by.

    CatLadyDiary.com, not me! ;)

    Lin, if she could, she'd definitely have a bunch of bunny mommies giving her a call!

  5. Oh, my gosh! Who knew bunnies were so smart?!

    I loved the basketball one, too. He was so involved in getting that one ball out, he almost ignored his reward treat.


  6. Wow what smart bunnies! I don't do any of those! *embarrassed laugh*
    uhh.. I better not show this to mama...yeah..

  7. That is rilly amazing! Our reskooed foster bunny Penelope does not knows how to does any of that.

  8. I did not realize you could train rabbits- impressive!

  9. I didn't know rabbits could learn tricks! They were so cute! The black one got so excited he almost forgot his treat!


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