Nov 28, 2008

Really Cute Doggie Cookies!

How cute are these cookies?!?

So... I was googling to answer a great debate I was having with myself for my last post about whether it was "doggie" or "doggy" -- and these cute doggie cookies came up in the results! Natually, I clicked for a better look.

I'm not exactly sure about the recipe (it's in grams and crazy units like that), but wouldn't these be precious to make? Right now, I think they're fun to just look at, but I'll keep you posted if I actually Betty-Crocker them myself.

Sleepy Spudgy

Must... stay... up...

Gotta... stay... awake... So... sleepy... Gotta... keep... trying...

Oh, I give up. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Huh? What? I'm up! I'm up!

Spudgy is a very sleep doggie. I feel like I have this same battle with the Tired Gods right around 3:30 at work every day...

Nov 26, 2008

Charlie the Unicorn (seriously ridiculous)

Honestly, I have no words...

Just watch.

Can anyone explain this Charlie the Unicorn thing? Seriously. Who thinks of this? (I love it.)

Kitty Cat Eating Corn

With extreme closeup!

Surely this cob is buttered and all that good stuff, cause this cat is really going to town! I'm not sure why cute animals eating are so darn precious, but they just are. Enjoy the latest version.

Ear's to you, kitty!

Cute Pet Turkey: Gobble, Gobble!

Don't get me wrong: I eat the heck out of some turkey on Thanksgiving. I have no problem gobbling up some gobble.

BUT, just look at Giselle the turkey... She's some lady's pet and, apparently, Giselle follows her around everywhere. They look so much cuter when they're still all feathered, don't they?

Happy Thanksgiving, all you jive turkeys!

Hey There, Jive Turkey

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Your Daily Cute would like to pass on this little PSA about preparing your turkey.

As Jive Turkey says, "Baste it; don't waste it."

Gobble, gobble, y'all.

Nov 25, 2008

Shrimp on a Treadmill

Why? Why not? Why not put a shrimp on a treadmill and see if he goes for it?

I thought I got tired running, imagine having all those legs to get going! Now, I don't eat shrimp (or anything that comes out of the water), but that doesn't mean I can't laugh at them.

Poor little shrimpy. He's probably running for his life... or the melted butter.

Nov 23, 2008

Fighting Squirrels Don't Play Fair

And in one corner it's Chip... weighing 0.7 pounds. And in the other is Dale, weighing in at 0.8 pounds -- and he's got some sneaky tricks up his furry sleeve.

Let's get reaaaaaddddy to ruuuuummmmbllllllllle!

*Thanks to Lenisse for passing on the fighting squirrels video. Apparently, it was on Jay Leno a while ago, too. My money's on Chip -- he's got to wise up eventually.
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