Oct 2, 2010

Synchronized Guinea Pig Munching

Two hungry piggies, two stalks of veggies... too cute of a camera angle! Who knew Guinea pigs were such cute little vacuums when it came to eating?!

Sometimes the silliest videos are just the most genius when it comes to being cute!

Oct 1, 2010

Snoring Cat Snores in a Glass

You ever drag yourself out of bed, pour yourself a nice glass of OJ to start your day and, well, fall asleep and snore in your OJ?

No? Hmmm...

This snoring cat did.

More sleepy kittens, please.

Sep 30, 2010

Cute Dog Prayer

Generally, I don't want to bring religion onto this blog (Cute loves ALL of you!), but this was just too cute not to share... Jango bows his little head and prays with his daddy before he eats.

What a sweet little trick. You can't help but smile -- especially when he's asking God to help him not chase the neighbor's cat.

Sep 29, 2010

Kitten Boxing Her Mirror Image

See that kitten in the mirror? She's got a lot of nerve standing there looking at me and, well, looking like me. She doesn't know who she's messing with!

I'll show her who's boss! I'm a boxing kitten! Wait, why is she fighting back? Heeeeyyyy...

Another boxing kitten, please!

Sep 28, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Vote on Pimp & Moo's Halloween Costumes!

Two Cats Tuesday is here again! Today's is extra special because Cute needs your help! I can't decide what Pimp and Moo should be for Halloween...

Take a look at the costumes I'm trying to choose between, and then let me know your vote in the comments below!

This is a VERY important decision -- the boys dress up every single year. Pimp (who is 11) has a whole closet full of costumes almost!

That's one of his previous costumes on the right... a fierce dragon! He's also been Elvis, a biker dude, a Mexican bandito, a joker, a pumpkin, a pimp, a devil... and probably others, but I can't remember right now. He loves to dress up. :)

Make sure you vote for something for Pimp and something for Moo. We all thank you for your opinion!

OK, so these are what I'm thinking about for Pimp's Halloween costume:


Moo Cow

And here are what I'm thinking for Moo's Halloween costume:

Skeleton.............................................. Dracula

Pimp Daddy

Which would you pick for each one? Leave a comment and let us know. Pimp and Moo can't wait to dress up! :)

And, guess what? We have a very special deal for Your Daily Cute readers! If you want to dress up your doggie or kitty for Halloween, you can get 15% off all pet costumes and Halloween toys in the "Halloween Shop" at NipAndBones.com! Just use the code HOWL4CUTE on the checkout page. (I don't get anything out of this, just passing on a fun deal to you all! Enjoy!)

Sep 27, 2010

Kitty Cat Cheek Massage

I'm not sure what this contraption is (Does anyone know?), but it looks to be the ultimate cat cheek and neck massager -- and I don't think Cookie the blissful kitty would disagree!

Have you ever seen a happier face than Cookie's? She even gets a little ear action in! Makes me want to go out and get a nice facial myself... ;)

Sep 26, 2010

Little Meow Says Hi - 2 New Videos!

Hello Cuteheads! Extra special treat today... two new videos of Little Meow, all cute and happy in her new home! I have been cat-sitting her and her brother, Shongy, for the past couple days so I made sure to get some cute videos of her to share.

Hanging out with them has been lots of fun -- I didn't realize how much I missed that little girl until I got to spend a little extra time with her. What a sweet thing she is. I really think she was soooo happy to see me... just full of purrs and rubs.

I posted these on the Cute's Facebook page in the past couple days, so if you've already seen them, tough noogies! :) Watch her cuteness again.

This first video is of her just being the love that she is. Love how comfortable she is being and inside kitty! You would never know she had lived in a parking lot for seven years... (Listen close at the end when she comes to the camera to hear her purring like a maniac!)

The second video is of Little Meow and her favorite toy, Carrot. Carrot was her first toy ever (I got it for her when she first went to her new home with Giselle), and she still loves it! Look how funny she is playing... This made my day. :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!
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