Sep 5, 2009

Big Dog Adopts Cute Little Piggy

Don't you just love stories about amazing momma animals who take in completely mismatched little babies?

This latest one is a story Katjinga, an 8-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback who has just finished nursing her little of puppies. Katjinga's mom noticed an abandoned piggy and quickly brought it in before any mean wildlife found it...

And Katjinga took over from there! They've named the piggy Paulinchen, but we'll just call him Pinky (even though he's not a pink pig). :)

Pictures from the Daily Mail.

*Thanks to Cute's friend Marci for sending over this cute, cute story!

Sep 4, 2009

Doggie Alarm Clock

How could you resist?

(And then click to see the cat's version.)

Sep 3, 2009

Kitten Eyebrows

This cute kitten has something most cute kittens don't. It's quite the special little facial feature, and gives her the most precious little worried expression all the time...

Kitten eyebrows!

Sep 2, 2009

The Amazing Moscow Cats Theater

I'm not sure how I'd never heard of this before. I kind of like to think of myself as the master know-it-all of all things cute and cat, so how the Moscow Cats Theater escaped me until now, I have no idea -- but I'm so glad I found it!

It's like a circus of cats, with the cute kitties doing tons of amazing cat tricks. Enjoy!

Cute Kitten Tug-a-War

As a kitty, is there anything better than things on strings? I think not!

More cute kittens and toys, please. (It's Pimp and Moo!)

Too Many Toys? NEVER!

Loki is super excited when his daddy gives him a toy, then another toy, and another, and another... By the 5th or 6th toy he starts wondering what's going on, and after the 20th or so (I lost track!), he just kind of settles into kitty toy bliss -- until his daddy ruined it.

Darn humans ruin it every time!

More fun kitten and toys, please.

Sep 1, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Face It, We're Cute

Yay! It's Two Cats Tuesday again! I already love this weekly feature, and it's only our second time doing it.

Today I'm sharing some of the funniest pictures of Pimp and Moo I've taken. You see, these poor boys are constantly being photographed (well if they weren't so darn cute... sheesh), and sometimes I catch them at juuuuust the right moment. You couldn't plan a better shot!

This is Moo cleaning up after a particularly nommy serving of Greenies treats.

Pimp was sleeping cute, so of course I woke him up with the flash. And yaaaawnnn...

And now it's Moo's turn to do his fierce rawring lion impression. RAWR!

Doesn't Pimp look like an old man here? Why the long face, Pimpy? ;)

I hope you enjoyed Pimp and Moo's silly pictures! Come back next week for more Two Cats craziness -- and be sure to leave Pimp and Moo a comment down there to say hi!

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Aug 31, 2009

Battle of the Food Bowl

Can't we all just share a nom?! Apparently not...

More hungry, fiesty kittens, please.

Aug 30, 2009

Puppies Dressed as Cats

Which are better: puppies or kittens? Well, Cute isn't taking sides in this battle, but we did find this video which seems to suggest that puppies wished they were kittens... Just sayin'.

More cute kitten costumes, please.

Dramatic Pug

It all started with the Dramatic Prairie Dog. From there, there was Dramatic Kitten, and now... the Dramatic Pug!

Oh, and we can't forget the Dramatic Cupcake Dog!

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