Jan 24, 2014

Hey Kitties, Keep It Down Over There!

When floofmaster kitty hears some shenanigans going on, he can hardly believe it. He tries to stand tall to get a better look, but his eyes just can't believe what they are seeing either.

And so he motions with his paws, "Everybody just relax!" But no one is relaxing and the noisy kitties just keep going on and on. Perhaps he should be a little more assertive with his shuuuush requests?

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Jan 22, 2014

A Day in the Life of Every Cat Owner

Just a typical day in the life of anyone who has kitties! They're on your lap, demanding attention, in the way, taking up your chair...

This is just like my house. How about yours?

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Jan 21, 2014

Two Cats (and a Phantom) Tuesday: We ALL Went to the Vet

Happy Two Cats and a Phantom Tuesday, Cuteheads! It's been a busy week over here -- everyone went to the vet!

Let's go down the list with the reports for each. Some did better than others. Everyone but Phantom has a follow-up visit scheduled. Sigh.


We're going to that place, aren't we mom?
Pimp is hyperthyroid, you all know. He also has been pooping kind of mucus-y (not too icky, just slick -- we talk poop here, OK?). Anywhos. The vet said his heart rate is elevated, which means his thyroid levels are probably spiked. This is likely because that stinker gets into Moo's food all the time for a bite or two -- no matter how close I think I'm watching!

She is running the tests and we'll know for sure tomorrow what his levels are, but she thinks they will come back high because of the heart rate. So I need to really watch what he eats, and if they don't get back down to normal like they have been (the y/d food has been great!), then we might need to go the medication route.

As for the poop, I'm keeping an eye on it. She thinks maybe he ate something or it could be the food.

Pimp also has a mild ear infection in each ear. How in the world did I not know this?!? I feel like a horrible mom. But he has showed NO signs. No shaking his head, itching, scratching, acting like it hurts when I pet him, head tilts, nothing she said would be a sign. So he has ear drops twice a day now. Joy. We're heading back February 1 for a follow-up.


I do not like being at the vet!
Moo actually lost weight, so we started out with good news there! But then the vet called later that night and told me his glucose levels were high. This could mean two things: Beginning of diabetes or that he was very, very stressed.

Cats glucose spikes when they are nervous up to about 220, she said, is an acceptable stressed range. Moo's were at 248 (I think). He has always been high at the vet, but that is higher than normal. She really does not think it's diabetes, but he's headed back when Pimp goes to retest.


Phantom went to see a specialist for his special leg. He walks planted on his calf basically on his back left leg. Like from the knee down is flat on the floor. He went to see our vet, and he recommended a specialist. See how he struts in the video up there?

The doctor took an x-ray and had probably the best report we could hope for. She thinks it's from an old muscle tear or trauma... and it might actually just heal on its own! She says it is not nerve damage (like the shelter thought) and not an Achilles tendon injury (like the vet thought it might be), but a muscle thing. And since muscles do heal, it may very well get better.

Worst case scenario, he'll just always walk with swagger. Best case scenario, it heals and he walks normal! Either way, it causes him no pain, he doesn't need to be restricted and it won't get any worse. Great!

So that's the update. Stay tuned tomorrow for another update!

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Jan 20, 2014

Baby Ducklings and Their Mother Cat

Momma cat has taken in three little ducklings to go with her baby kittens of her own, and she is trying so hard to be a good mom to them.

She tries to pick them up to put them back in the box (like she would a regular kitten), and she snuggles them and cleans them... It's just getting them to go to sleep when it's time for bed that is the tricky part.

Those crazy yellow kittens just won't listen!

P.S. Speaking of duckies, we lost our little kitten named Ducky last week. We pulled her from the shelter for our next transport (I went and picked her up myself!), and she sadly didn't make it. Foster mom noticed she was breathing heavy and very limp when she went to check on her, and rushed straight to the vet. The vet did all she could, but Ducky unfortunately didn't make it. "Fading kitten," the vet called it. Very sad.

We are so sad that Ducky had to leave us, but we want to make sure her brother and sister get the best life! We pulled Andi and Blaine from the shelter so she would have some friends (Ducky was alone there), and they are going on our next transport still. We are hoping to raise the funds to get them speutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and also healthy (they are sneezing and congested, so we have them on medication now).

I made a small fundraiser for them. It covers their vetting an also a health certificate for each, that they need to legally travel. I put what each thing costs on the fundraiser. If you can spare a few dollars, Little Ducky's brother and sister would appreciate it! (9:35am: Yeah! Andi and Ducky are just over halfway to their goal of $210!)

P.P.S. If Andi and Blaine's fundraiser gets full, please consider donating to Binx, another transport kitty we are lining up. He has scabies (totally treatable, just icky!), and we are getting him healthy too. His fundraiser is below. (9:35am: Looks like Binx only needs $17 more! Wow!)

Thank you, Cuteheads!

P.P.P.S. Pimp and Moo went to the vet this weekend. I'll report on their check-up tomorrow. Sheesh, those two have a few things going on with them!

P.P.P.P.S. Phantom has an appointment with the specialist this morning to see what is going on with his leg. I am very curious to see what she says, and hope there is something we can do for him! If not, I hope she says nothing bothers him and he's fine as is. :)

Isn't Phantom just the shiniest?
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