Jan 21, 2014

Two Cats (and a Phantom) Tuesday: We ALL Went to the Vet

Happy Two Cats and a Phantom Tuesday, Cuteheads! It's been a busy week over here -- everyone went to the vet!

Let's go down the list with the reports for each. Some did better than others. Everyone but Phantom has a follow-up visit scheduled. Sigh.


We're going to that place, aren't we mom?
Pimp is hyperthyroid, you all know. He also has been pooping kind of mucus-y (not too icky, just slick -- we talk poop here, OK?). Anywhos. The vet said his heart rate is elevated, which means his thyroid levels are probably spiked. This is likely because that stinker gets into Moo's food all the time for a bite or two -- no matter how close I think I'm watching!

She is running the tests and we'll know for sure tomorrow what his levels are, but she thinks they will come back high because of the heart rate. So I need to really watch what he eats, and if they don't get back down to normal like they have been (the y/d food has been great!), then we might need to go the medication route.

As for the poop, I'm keeping an eye on it. She thinks maybe he ate something or it could be the food.

Pimp also has a mild ear infection in each ear. How in the world did I not know this?!? I feel like a horrible mom. But he has showed NO signs. No shaking his head, itching, scratching, acting like it hurts when I pet him, head tilts, nothing she said would be a sign. So he has ear drops twice a day now. Joy. We're heading back February 1 for a follow-up.


I do not like being at the vet!
Moo actually lost weight, so we started out with good news there! But then the vet called later that night and told me his glucose levels were high. This could mean two things: Beginning of diabetes or that he was very, very stressed.

Cats glucose spikes when they are nervous up to about 220, she said, is an acceptable stressed range. Moo's were at 248 (I think). He has always been high at the vet, but that is higher than normal. She really does not think it's diabetes, but he's headed back when Pimp goes to retest.


Phantom went to see a specialist for his special leg. He walks planted on his calf basically on his back left leg. Like from the knee down is flat on the floor. He went to see our vet, and he recommended a specialist. See how he struts in the video up there?

The doctor took an x-ray and had probably the best report we could hope for. She thinks it's from an old muscle tear or trauma... and it might actually just heal on its own! She says it is not nerve damage (like the shelter thought) and not an Achilles tendon injury (like the vet thought it might be), but a muscle thing. And since muscles do heal, it may very well get better.

Worst case scenario, he'll just always walk with swagger. Best case scenario, it heals and he walks normal! Either way, it causes him no pain, he doesn't need to be restricted and it won't get any worse. Great!

So that's the update. Stay tuned tomorrow for another update!

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  1. Nice to know Phantom is not seriously poorly! Pimp, Moo C'mon guys let's get well!!

  2. Prayers for all of them, all paws crossed!

  3. I hope everything turns out ok. I know from experience that cats are so good at hiding their symptoms when they feel bad. And then when you find out at the vet that something's wrong you feel like you've been a bad cat mommy (at least I do). Paws crossed here and keeping Pimp, Moo and Phantom in our thoughts.

  4. Thanks for the updates. We had a cat with thyroid issues who had to have his thyroid removed, then pills. It got to be routine, no big deal. And our current cat was 'diabetic' for a while, had to have insulin shots, then it went away. So. Saying a prayer for your guys, I'm sure it will all work out.

  5. Good thoughts for Pimp and Moo (and Phantom too!). Have your boys caught sight of the Phantom Yet? If so, what did they do?????????

  6. I hope that Pimp and Moo's issues resolve. It's never easy

  7. Fingers and toes crossed for all the boys

  8. Hey guess what! One of the feral, semi-feral, who knows, cats who wanders around the farm left polydactyl tracks in the snow! Think he migrated up from Key West all the way to Indiana?

  9. Sending healing thoughts to your kitties. Ourrs and hugs.
    Sue B

  10. My cat Avalanche is also a thyroid kitty. He has ben on the YD for a year. He also takes a small amount of his tapazole twice a day. His level isn't totally corrected as yet, but is heading in the right direction. Since he also has asthma and valley fever, its a bit difficult to regulate him. He now gets weighted (at home) weekly. If his wieght goes down any more, we will have to up the dose. His Valley fever is under control at this time and he was switched fro Brethine to Prednisolone for his asthma. The Pred is doing so much better for him. Moo may have to have a small amount of medication i addition to his food. Four of my six kitties are on special diets, so they eat in separate rooms ( the 2 on regular cat food eat together). They get 1 hour to eat, hen all bowls are removed. They figured that out real quickly, That's the only way I can watch what they eat.

  11. You should NEVER think you are a bad "momma".....you are the best. Their next visit will be better.......they are both such sweet kitties. And Phantom is adorable also.
    Love u all <3

  12. Wishing all the best to your babies. And you are a fantastic Mom!! Never doubt that. I have cursed myself also for thinking how could I have missed this or that but there are cases you really can't tell. Oh how I wish they could talk sometimes (only the bad stuff, I like cat talk better, meows and purrs, so comforting).

    Take care Dorian and babies.

  13. My Smoky,131/2 year sold, is since 8 years on thyroid meds and does very well. She lost a lot of weight in the last years but with a tsp of olive oil mixed into her wet food she's now back to a normal weight. As Pimp has lost much weight as well, I can give you this tip. God bless you and your boys and keep us posted, please.

  14. Just a thought - at least with people, an infection can cause sugar levels to go up - could be the same with kitties. Maybe Moo's ear infection is the culprit. Best to you & you are an awesome catmom!

  15. My two cents. Don't give Moo ANY dry food and only feed him grain free wet. His glucose numbers will be fine. Trust me, I had a diabetic cat. You don't wanna go there. (Nothin with gray, corn, soy, wheat, etc.). I love Wellness brand.

  16. Oh my cod, I totally know how you feel with kitties at the Vet! Some months I feel like we live there. I hope Pimps ears clear up soon and Moo gets that glucose down. I love the Phantom Swagger!!

  17. Andrea & the Celestial KittiesJanuary 22, 2014 at 12:10 AM

    Aw poor Moo and Pimp, hope they both get better fast! I woudlnt feel bad about not knowing about the ear infections, kitties are very good at hiding illness. Hard not to, I know, but it's not your fault.
    Good for Shadow though, hope it does get better on it's own quickly!

  18. Kerry Palmer VistisenJanuary 22, 2014 at 4:56 PM

    Sounds like maybe it would be a good idea to feed everyone separately if you aren't already. Feed Moo a grain free canned food for his high blood sugar in a separate room from Pimp and his special diet. Feed them 2 or 3 meals a day and only what they will eat in 10 or 15 minutes. When my Moo became diabetic, I switched all 6 of my cats to scheduled feedings of canned from free fed kibble. It was hard at first, but now I am glad that I did that because now I know exactly who is eating how much and if for some reason they go off their food.

  19. dorian, you are THE BEST mommy ever:) i'm so happy & thankful that we met that day in the (old) office parking lot over our mutual love for little Addie & Twin Kitty aka 'the meows':) you are my 4ever friend:) xoxo~ marsha


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