Jan 20, 2014

Baby Ducklings and Their Mother Cat

Momma cat has taken in three little ducklings to go with her baby kittens of her own, and she is trying so hard to be a good mom to them.

She tries to pick them up to put them back in the box (like she would a regular kitten), and she snuggles them and cleans them... It's just getting them to go to sleep when it's time for bed that is the tricky part.

Those crazy yellow kittens just won't listen!

P.S. Speaking of duckies, we lost our little kitten named Ducky last week. We pulled her from the shelter for our next transport (I went and picked her up myself!), and she sadly didn't make it. Foster mom noticed she was breathing heavy and very limp when she went to check on her, and rushed straight to the vet. The vet did all she could, but Ducky unfortunately didn't make it. "Fading kitten," the vet called it. Very sad.

We are so sad that Ducky had to leave us, but we want to make sure her brother and sister get the best life! We pulled Andi and Blaine from the shelter so she would have some friends (Ducky was alone there), and they are going on our next transport still. We are hoping to raise the funds to get them speutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and also healthy (they are sneezing and congested, so we have them on medication now).

I made a small fundraiser for them. It covers their vetting an also a health certificate for each, that they need to legally travel. I put what each thing costs on the fundraiser. If you can spare a few dollars, Little Ducky's brother and sister would appreciate it! (9:35am: Yeah! Andi and Ducky are just over halfway to their goal of $210!)

P.P.S. If Andi and Blaine's fundraiser gets full, please consider donating to Binx, another transport kitty we are lining up. He has scabies (totally treatable, just icky!), and we are getting him healthy too. His fundraiser is below. (9:35am: Looks like Binx only needs $17 more! Wow!)

Thank you, Cuteheads!

P.P.P.S. Pimp and Moo went to the vet this weekend. I'll report on their check-up tomorrow. Sheesh, those two have a few things going on with them!

P.P.P.P.S. Phantom has an appointment with the specialist this morning to see what is going on with his leg. I am very curious to see what she says, and hope there is something we can do for him! If not, I hope she says nothing bothers him and he's fine as is. :)

Isn't Phantom just the shiniest?
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  1. preston_margaret@ymail.,comJanuary 20, 2014 at 8:44 AM

    Very sorry about Ducky! Thanks for everything you are doing to help the kitties.

  2. That video was so cute! Mama Kitty was very confused but the little yellow "kitties" finally came to her side for a nap. She learned patience with some of her "kids". I'm so sorry about Ducky. I hope Pimp, Moo & Phantom will be okay.

  3. The kids and I loved the video! So darn cute and funny. Poor momma kitty! She must be exhausted. RIP Ducky - you were so loved.

  4. This kitty just didn't want to give up ! And the yellow ducklings made their way on their own time to the savety of momma cat's warm body.
    So sorry for losing Ducky and good luck for your own 3 (???) kitties.

  5. That poor momma cat is going to be in real trouble once they start trying to swim. Poor mama!

  6. OMC! I just got the names. Pretty in Pink! Ducky, Andi and Blaine. (very sorry about Ducky, that is too sad)

  7. I LOVE that video!! That poor mom...she is trying so hard! I'll bet that wore her out

  8. Moms will be Moms!

    So sorry for kitten Ducky. How sad.

    Good luck with your kitties at the Vet.


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