Jun 19, 2010

Smart Cat Grabs His Food Bowl

It's always nice to keep your food bowl within paw's reach... but it's even better to keep it riiiiight next to you. As close as possible.

And if any human gets any ideas about moving it away, you just drag it right on back!

Bonus Cute: Watch a puppy fetch her food bowls for dinner!

Jun 18, 2010

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... JUMP!

This beautiful cat is a serval cat. If you haven't heard of them before, they are BIG. And if you breed a serval cat with a domestic house cat, you get what they call a savannah cat. (More info here for servals and savannahs.)

Aside from being gorgeous, they also apparently like to jump... Count down with us, Cuteheads: 10... 9...8...7... Watch out, cameraman!

Jun 17, 2010

Puppy Brushes his Own Teeth

Puppies are cute. But puppy breath? Not so much... And that's why Cute is so proud of this doggie for learning how to brush his own teeth!

He's only 7 months old, but look at how smart he is already. He loves his peanut-flavored toothpaste!

Jun 16, 2010

The Old Kitten Sees Himself in the Mirror Trick... (cute every time!)

Does anyone get tired of looking at kitties seeing their reflection in the mirror? I think I could watch these kind of cute kitten videos all day long!

And this one is quite possibly one of the cutest kitten-mirror videos I've ever seen. Be careful, little buddy...

Thanks to @PEOPLEpets for tweeting this so I could see it. Love it!

Jun 15, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Lazy, Sleepy Kitties

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads!

Today we're all feeling a little lazy, so I figured I'd show you how The Boys do "lazy."

Moo MUST be upside down at all times. Well, maybe not at all times, but at least 93% of the time. It is so cute, it kills me.

I'm proud of my belleh and I like to show it off!

You can never have enough Moo belly as far as I'm concerned...

Pimp, on the other hand, is not really one for the upside-down laziness. When he's really, really comfortable and super relaxed, his little paws are always out in front of him.

Either he does the outstretched paw, or this fancy advanced move... the double paw curl. Kittens, don't try this at home.

This sleeping position is guaranteed to earn you TREATS as soon as you wake up!

Have a great day, everyone!

Jun 13, 2010

This Kitten's on a Roll!

Kitties are not garbage. That much, we know. But when an adorably cute little kitten decides that a roly poly garbage can is lots of fun... who are we to argue?

Cute loves this trashy kitty!

More rollin' kitties, please.

Bad Vacuum. Bad, Bad Vacuum...

Vacuums can be very scary things for kitty cats. It takes a very brave one to stand up to the big, bad vacuum, and Vamp the cat -- with his "superior kung fu ninja skills -- is definitely one of those brave kitties!

(For a far less scary vacuum, check out this hamster vacuum!)

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